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There Was a Storm

Sometimes I think I live in a bubble – completely oblivious to other things that are happening around me. I have to learn about the “important” thing in life – like Kate Middleton’s baby boy and Powerball reaching $400+ million – through the front page of Yahoo and the seemingly endless and redundant posts on Facebook.

So when I woke up at 12:30 am on Tuesday night, witnessed the flurry of lightning, and closed the windows against the rain, I promptly went back to sleep, woke up and went to work as if it were any other day.

We had some really pretty fog though, which I took a quick picture of on my way out the door. It had settled like a blanket over the fields and large yards, but the roads had good visibility.


It wasn’t until I got to work and heard all my co-workers buzzing about the storm that I realized cities were without power and major damage had occurred.

Green Bay missed the worst of the storm but cities to the South got hit hard. Streets had block after block of toppled over power lines…

Buildings were leveled…

And some of my co-workers had huge trees completely rip out of the ground…

And there was the upside down tree perched in between the power lines – in what may be the most bizarre picture I’ve ever seen!

Photo: Thankfully we have no noticable damage ...just an upside down Christmas tree hanging from our power lines.

Apparently the winds hit 110mph and they recorded an E1 and E2 tornado touching down in the area. I don’t think anyone heard any tornado sirens. Pretty crazy/scary stuff. Luckily no one was severely injured (from what I’ve heard). Here I always thought living in GB we were fairly isolated from tornadoes and such but I guess not.

Crazy – and a reminder to always be vigilent and greatful for safety!


4 Responses

  1. Wow – so glad no one was seriously hurt! Very lucky

  2. WOW. that’s so scary! I hate storms, especially when damaging!

  3. Holy cow! Praying everyone is still ok!

  4. So glad you were ok through all that. Some storm!

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