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The Rain Arrived + Garden Update

Happy Wednesday morning everyone!

The rain came in splendid fashion last night. I woke up around 12:30am and quickly dashed around shutting all the upstairs windows and wiping up the water that had splashed in from the wind. It was crazy. I didn’t hear much thunder at all but the lightning was all over the place. Bam, bam, bam – everywhere you looked lightning was exploding all over the sky. I’ve never seen that much.

Apparently the wind and storm cut power for a lot of neighboring cities this morning. We were very fortunate and didn’t have any issues. I always worry that I’ll lose power and oversleep by 3 hours (it could easily happen). Unlike Ben, my internal alarm clock doesn’t spring to life at 5:30 and wake me up. 🙂

I was excited to get home yesterday because I had a new order of Ideal Protein food waiting for me. This time I got all kinds of new-to-me foods to try: the regular pasta, orange wafers, strawberry wafers, chicken pottage (like a thick chicken soup), and peanut butter puffs. I also bought another box each of the chocolate shake, tomato and basil pasta, and broccoli and cheese soup. Now I’m stocked for a long, long time!


I’ve mentioned before that the food isn’t cheap and I think buying a variety lot on eBay was the smartest thing I could have done. I didn’t want to be stuck with full boxes of something that tasted vile (hello butterscotch pudding, I’m looking at you!).

Being a single girl all this week is pretty weird. It’s amazing how much of a routine Ben and I have each day. Actually, it’s kind of scary how you can so easily fall into the same exact pattern every single day. So I’m pretty messed up trying to remember to lock all the doors (Ben does that) and everything else I usually never do.

But I’m only making meals for one – so I don’t ever have to worry about cooking some rice or noodles for the guy who actually can eat carbs. Oh yeah, and I’m not having to smell pizza being cooked either. That’s a big plus – it’s hard smelling fresh pizza when you can’t eat any!!

Last night I sauted some of my home-grown zucchini with broccoli and yellow pepper, added some ground chicken and seasoned with italian seasoning and a bit of Walden Farms bacon ranch dressing. Not much of a WF dressing fan, so I’m trying to use it up a bit here and there.


After dinner I putzed around in the garden checking on the plants. I could be crazy but I’ve never seen zucchini plants as large or tall as mine. No trellis or stakes are used – this is JUST the plants:


They are now taller than the 4ft perimeter fence!

I think I need to slice off the top half of my cilantro plant too. It’s starting to flower!


The first of my bell peppers are just about ready to be picked. Can’t wait to not have to buy those in the store!


Organic zucchini and bell peppers run $2.25 a piece. I’m keeping a tally of each veggie I pull out of the garden. Thought it would be fun to see us start to re-coup the cost of the garden.

The broccoli plants are big and tall but with nothing anywhere even remotely looking like broccoli. I’m wondering if these will actually bear fruit – I mean veggie.


More hot peppers!


I’m starting to find ripe cherry tomatoes here and there. Perfect for nibbling right off the vine.


I’m getting a handful of beans every other day now. I wish my diet allowed me to eat them more often because they are awesome to munch on during work. Plus, much tastier than a bag of raw broccoli.


(You can also see how much the zucchini plant spread over into the other bed. I had *all* this extra room that was supposed to be for peas but I’m glad I never planted them. I’m not sure how they would have survived!!)

And last but not least – another look at my beautiful (but not home-grown) roses from Ben ❤


Well – I’m off to work. Glad it’s Wednesday too – I like it when the early part of the week flies by.


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  1. Yay for rain! Send some my way please…. 🙂 That dinner looks amazing too. 🙂

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