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All Alone

It’s the day I’ve been dreading all week – the Monday following my week of vacation! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I’ll admit it’s never easy going back to work on a Monday anyway, but when you throw on a Mondayย week that you KNOW will be jam-packed full of catch up… then it’s taking Monday to a whole different level.

Plus, I have beautiful new flowers:


I have flowers to keep me company this week since Ben is in Chicago taking a certification course. Boo! I wouldn’t say I’m co-dependent or anything but I definitely was feeling pretty lonely and miserable when he was packing yesterday. May even have shed a tear or three. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know I’m a bit stressed about what kind of week at work this will be and it’s nice to come home and have Ben there for me to whine to about my day. Ha Ha (Ben, come home soon!!!!) He’ll be spending Mon-Thurs in training classes and then takes his certification exam Friday morning. Hopefully it will be a breeze for him and he’ll be home at a decent time on Friday.

Overall the weekend was a little bizarre. Ben went to Chicago for the baseball game and came home Thursday night with a bad cold – so we spent most of the weekend working on getting him well. I took off on random errands Friday to give him time to rest. I met up with my friend Kari who was in town visiting. We took in some fun shopping, walked into David’s Bridal and roamed around through the racks of dresses, and wound up at Applebees for lunch.

My crazy purchase was a set of Christmas decorations. There’s something wrong about buying Christmas stuff in August don’t you think? But they were 50% off and, I thought, pretty cute. I have enough random pieces to cover the sofa table and coffee table in the living room… and maybe even something for the mantle in the family room.


My lunch plan was to grab a simple cobb salad at Applebees and eat that to satisfy my lunchtime veggie quota and then come home and have my Ideal Protein food. The only problem – NONE of their salads were diet-friendly. So instead I opted for a plain burger with a side salad in place of the fries. Here’s what came:



I’m not a big fan of American cheese but that was easy to scrape off. I also didn’t touch the bun. I picked off most of the bacon and ate a bit of the dressing. Not exactly on plan, but I did the best I could in a pinch!

We had Ali-Perfect weather this past weekend. In fact, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect forecast if I’d written it myself. Low 70s, tons of sunshine, nice breezes, and cool enough evening temps to make round-the-clock open windows absolutely perfect – if not essential. With weather like this it’s hard to stay inside and we tackled a few small yard and house projects.

Ben washed windows:



And I tackled pruning the bush that is starting to block our walkway:


It’s really pretty and I hate to trim it at all because it’s been one of the few bushes in the yard that is still growing well despite the lack of rain we’ve had. Still, even I will admit it was becoming a bit scraggly…


I trimmed just enough to clear more of the walkway. I’m betting it may need another trim before the year is up.



Ben took me out to dinner Saturday night – our last “meal” before his week away. We checked out a new (to us) supper club. We were seated in a section all by ourselves.


A trip to the salad bar:


I picked a meat selection that was smaller than my dinner portion should be – so I could add some egg and (cheating!! some cheese and dressing). I really need to watch the dressing and cheese … probably need to cut that all back out again.

They brought out some appetizers – rumaki and stuffed mushroom cap


The table was really cute – I loved the folded napkins.


Ben grabbed the WARM BUTTERY bread and pulled it far away from my nose. Oh bread – I miss you sooooo much!!


I could have eaten the entire loaf ๐Ÿ™‚

Fancy cucumber wedges instead of lemon for our waters:


And my entree:


Delicious! Small portion of veggies though – and supposedly that was a double portion since I skipped the potato. That’s OK though, beans are a restricted food (meaning only can have them 2x a week) and I have tons in my garden that I’d rather eat.

On Sunday I made my trip to the grocery store for food. Didn’t have to grab too much since it was just for me, but I did grab a cupcake for my sweetie. Would you believe he only ate HALF and threw the rest away? *gasp* I guess that’s why only one of us is on a diet. Ha Ha


Question of the day: Assuming it’s a “good” baked-good, can you eat just half or do you devour the entire thing like me?? ๐Ÿ™‚


7 Responses

  1. Look at that cupcake! AH! And those decorations ARE really cute. No sense in passing up a good deal!

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous. Wish I had your green thumb ๐Ÿ™‚

    Monday’s are toughest when the weekend has been a ton of fun.

  3. I definitely devour! That’s why when I bake, I get rid of it! I love to bake cookies all of the time, but I will normally take them to work and get rid of them that way. It’s easier to avoid eating all of them when they are not at my disposal. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Monday’s catching up always makes for a long day!

    • I’m terrible. As kids, we often “sampled” dough and I’d have to hide it so that there would even be any cookies actually cooked! I agree – taking to work is brilliant for removing them from the house!

  4. Throwing away a cuppicake? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Those roses are lovely – I love that color!

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