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The 2013 Green Bay Packer 5K


Happy Monday! It’s all vacation mode over here folks and lemme tell you, I love vacation. If there was a way to work it out so I had a week off every month, I would do whatever job that was! Nothing much planned so far; we have a trip back to our wedding venue tomorrow to see the outdoor ceremony site (we didn’t see that the first time we went there). Ben’s home today and tomorrow and we’re just happy for an extended weekend.

Saturday Alex ran the Packer 5K – and thus kicked off the start to the 2013 Packers training camp. Hard to believe we’re already starting football training – then again my mailbox was stuff full of fliers announcing back-to-school. Eek! I’m trying not to focus on school right now. It’s going to be crazy-busy trying to finish up my last 4 classes while planning a wedding.

So anyway, on Saturday the plan was that we’d grab a dinner out and then head over to watch Alex run. I had been battling a weird throat itch/cough thing and sweetly passed it to Ben. Oops. We had found a new-to-us supper club and thought we’d give it a try and arrive as soon as it opened to get in and out quickly.


We didn’t have reservations but managed to score a table right by the window. Meanwhile, a group of cowgirls were in the bar doing shots for a bachelorette party. Amusingly, every minute or so you could hear the loud “3”!!, “2”!!, “1”!!! shot countdown over the din of the music in the dining area. Someone was having fun 🙂

Our pretty view:


Far, far in the background – can you make it out??


This place was a total fail from a diet perspective. I was able to order my entree without a problem but the ONLY veggie they had in the entire place was carrots. So she brought me a cup of the soup de jour: fire roasted tomato meatball.


I assumed the meatballs had bread in them so I sipped the broth and called it a day. My salad (with dressing on the side!!!) arrived next:


This puzzled me. They gave me a container of dressing on the side put put half of it on the salad. Huh? Oh well – there’s your cheat of the day folks. I had salad dressing!

By filet was wonderful though – very tender and flavorful and exactly the size I needed per my diet.


I skipped all the carrots and made a note that I was low on veggies and to work an extra portion into lunch the next day.

Ben ordered angel hair pasta with alfredo and chicken


Ben, the pasta king, only ate half. That should have signified to me that he was feeling a little “off”.

As we sat waiting for our bill, we watching the jumbo-trons light up around Lambeau. We had planned to leave the restaurant at 6, using 15 minutes to drive over and park and have 15 minutes to locate the family before gun time. We finished eating at 5:51 and got our bill at 6:10. Whomp whomp. By the time we got to the stadium there was no where to park and Ben ended up off-roading in a field while I dashed across the Lambeau parking lot.

Ben was feeling worse and stayed in the car and I managed to navigate the long way to the starting gate – only to find myself blocked by some construction and metal dividers.


I could have gone under the dividers but the ground was filthy and to be honest, I was already exerting myself a little more than I should have. I’m on so few carbs that my energy stores drain very, very quickly. So instead I called the folks and told them I wouldn’t make it in time. Dad agreed to walk down to the first main intersection and meet me there.


I found dad easily through the crowds (hurray) and got set up with literally 15 seconds before the first wave gun went off.

See the guy in the blue behind Alex? He ended up winning the race in UNDER 15 minutes. Can you believe it?

After they zoomed past us, Dad and I went inside Lambeau to get some footage there while Mom was heading to the finish.

Ahh – the thrill of being inside Lambeau!

There were tiny drops of rain throughout and although we were worried it would turn into more, it remained perfect for the runners: a cool 63 degrees and overcast. Quite the change from when Alex did this race in 80+ and full sun!!

He marched in and began his loop around the field.

And we caught him on the ‘tron:



It worked out great that Ben didn’t come – because the runners ran right past his car and he was able to text me when he saw Alex scurry by. Definitely helped plan for when he’d loop into Lambeau!

Runners filing down for the turn into the stadium:


I’m almost positive this wasn’t Chad Clifton 😉


We quick called Mom to alert her and she easily found Alex as he zoomed across the finish:

In pretty spectacular time:

It never fails, every time I watch one of these races I wish I were a runner. But I’m being patient and working on dropping some weight first which I know will be easier on me when I do start training. Patience young jedi… 🙂

Meanwhile, I live vicariously through Alex!


2 Responses

  1. Way to go, once again, Alex!! He is an awesome athlete, and that is an awesome race! And another way to go to you for sticking to the diet while out to eat!

  2. Congrats to Alex. And you know what’s coming up soon? Preseason, baby!!! Woot!

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