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Week 6 Weigh-In

Whew, it’s Friday already! I say that with a bit of a smirk though – cause this week felt more like three weeks in one. Work was crazy, crazy, crazy  and along with the usual extra stuff you try and wrap up before a vacation, I had a bunch of projects fall apart and was scrambling fixing the pieces. As a result, I get up and scurried immediately into work without doing my usual morning post. Typically the alarm goes off at 5:30 and I get up, dressed, and then start blogging. Around 5:50 Ben’s alarm goes off and he takes his shower. Then I’ll slap our lunches in the lunch bags and we’re out the door at 6:15 together. Only today I hightailed outta the house around 5:45 so I could get some extra work in before the office started to fill up with people.

It was also weigh-in day today! SIX weeks are now completed. It is hard to believe I started this that long ago and yet it also seems like forever since I sank my teeth into a warm, ooey-gooey cookie or had a dish of ice cream.

Also doesn’t help when mom sends me random emails entitled “For your blog…” with the following:


She says it is patriotic and all my sugar-craving viewers are probably suffering from visual sugar withdrawal around here. Ha Ha!

Anyways, I was really, really hoping to hit 20 pounds this week. It was doable too – I just had to pull a 2.2# weigh-in. But… I fell short. This was my lowest week so far at just 1.6# down. That brings my overall total in six weeks to 19.4#. Honestly, with the cake sampling on Sunday, I wasn’t sure what to expect – but I’ll take what I got and keep moving along. I had considered skipping the cake tasting and letting Ben and trusted friends make the call but you know what? Out of all the wedding things I DON’T like having to think about (which is most of it!!) the cake tasting is the fun part. So I’m going to enjoy it. 🙂 After all, the whole point of the diet is for the wedding. Might as well get a little enjoyment out of the planning process.

And it’s yummy too.

And I’m still addicted to sugar.

But now I’m officially on vacation and plan to relax, veg about, and spend hours browsing the Internet for wedding stuff. Maybe I can even, finally, make a decision and cross one or two things off the wedding list.

We got hit with a TON of much needed rain today. It’s been ridiculously dry and we haven’t even needed to mow the lawn for the past two weeks! Nothing was growing! I darted out to check on my garden during a brief lull in the storm and smirked in delight at not having to lug the daily water to tend my veggies. With the heavy storm, the thick leaves of my zucchini plants were a bit toppled over revealing two zucchini that miraculously appeared overnight. They are so big I have NO idea how I missed them before!


Miss Sunshine with her first two zucchini!

Mom is making her own kombucha and promised me detailed pictures of the process. With the success of her yogurt/buttermilk culture I think she’s ready to branch into new territory! Should be fun to see.

Have a great evening everyone! Here’s to a great week 7 where I am going to SMASH past the 20lb marker!




5 Responses

  1. Great job! I really, really admire your tenacity to stick with this program. Wish I had that LOL!

    We have had so much rain this season. Everything still looks really fresh and green. If it keeps up, that means spectacular fall color this year. I read somewhere that the better the moisture, the better the fall foliage season color is.

    • I hope that’s not the case! I want Fall engagement pictures but with so little rain, it might be all brown! 🙂

      I am ONLY sticking to this because I’m running out of time before the wedding. Otherwise I’m not good at sticking with something so long 🙂

  2. Keep up the great work with the weight loss! You’ll hit that 20! We haven’t had much rain, but it’s been rainy the last couple of days. I’ll take it! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness…falling short of 20 is nothing considering how far you’ve come! You’ll be there in no time!

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