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Oh What a Day

Wow – if only there were more hours in the day.

Although to be fair, if I had extra hours yesterday, they would have been spent in the office and I’m not sure that would have been a good idea. 🙂 It was one of those days where nothing seemed to go very well and I was behind on everything. I’m hoping to be off on vacation next week and so the week before and after is always absolutely ridiculous as you try and get things situated and settled. In a word: chaos.

Today, believe it or not, may actually be worse. I have back-to-back meetings until 3pm. Eeek. But if I can hang in there and make it through today, I have a light schedule tomorrow and should be able to get things wrapped up. But the stress, oh Lord! If only it were easier to take vacation! I was thinking maybe I should just take a day here or a day there (we have nothing much planned for my week off) except I like being away from the office that long. I enjoy many leisurely days where my mind can un-fragment itself and I can recharge. It’s important.

Plus, I have serious wedding planning to do!!!!

Last night we came home and found rabbit #10. It’s definitely taking longer to trap these last ones – which is good because it means there are fewer around. I know there’s at least one more guy prancing around. Hoping he is not a “she” with a litter about to be born. Even the guy we just caught was looking pretty large:


I didn’t feel like doing much cooking and we had some ground chicken that needed to be used up – so I made soup. I had purchased a leek last weekend when we were doing our weekly grocery shopping and decided to cut him up and put him to use!


I never use leeks so they seem exotic to me – and I mentally have been congratulating myself on all the different veggies I have been eating lately.


There wasn’t much we could add that we normally would have used to flavor the soup. I can’t have carmelized onions or carrots – so we loaded it up with fresh garlic, the leek, some scallions, celery and then steamed some cauliflower and whirled it through the processor to “thicken” up the soup.


It made it look a bit more creamy. Probably could have added even more. It was the first time I used cauliflower this way. Makes me think cauliflower mashed “potatoes” might be something to try soon when I’m looking for some kind of fake starch during this diet.

I’m missing my potatoes. And my baked goods. My waistline is not missing them though!

Ben has another day trip to Madison and I have some ground turkey/beef blend I’m thinking about making into meatballs for dinner. No breadcrumbs but I’ll season them up and add an egg and see what I can come up with!

Here’s hoping I make it to dinner though. It’s going to be a long and crazy day!!!


3 Responses

  1. Why can’t you have onions or carrots in the soup you made with chicken? They’re vegetables. I thought most vegetables were good for a person to eat. You keep losing weight so must be doing things right for this diet. Keep it up!

    • Great question. All higher-carb or starchy vegetables are not allowed on the diet. Onions, when carmelized, actually release and activate sugars and raise the carb count in the food. So raw onions are OK, cooked are not! Carrots, potatoes, peas – all are higher in carbs and not allowed. Doesn’t allow for much variety at all – but it’s working so I guess the science behind it is sound.

  2. Impressive soup!! and can’t wait for you to get to wedding planning 🙂

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