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Inattentive Drivers

Oh boy was there “excitement” at the parents’ house yesterday!

Mom and Matt were in the kitchen yesterday afternoon when they heard a series of loud whacks, screeches, and metal grinding. When they got to the window they saw a car parked in the front part of their yard. The front windshield was cracked and there appeared to be side damage to the car. Mom called 911 and they rushed out to see what was going on.

Judging from the skid marks and shrub damage, she was going too fast down the road, drove into the ditch, bounced out and hit the first lamppost, skidded across the driveway, and bounced around in the small culvert in the front of the yard…


I’m not sure if she realized how lucky she was, if she’d been a bit further into this ditch, she would have had a pretty steep drop!


This gives a really good look at exactly how LONG she was applying the breaks and still couldn’t stop. I can’t imagine how fast she was going!


If she’d driven off the other side – she’d have been right in the Fox River! The cops came and assessed the situation. She damaged the lamppost and some grass but we weren’t interested in pressing charges for that. Grass grows back after all.


She was a little banged up but otherwise fine and even spoke to my Mom. We didn’t get the full story of exactly what happened. I’m assuming the police asked her a bunch of questions but the family stayed back and let them have some space.

And that’s one more crazy road story to add to the mounting list. A few years ago a motorcyclist flew off his bike while taking the curve in the road too fast and died. That curve is maybe 1/4 mile from my parent’s house. Then there was the time a guy was running from the police and fled across our yard and into our back woods before the cops shot him with bean bags!

Hmm maybe the folks should move? šŸ™‚ I swear, it’s a good neighborhood!

Just a quick reminder for those in love with multitasking – be safe. We managed for years to drive places without phones and survived. Put the phone down, don’t text, and obey the speed limits. Life is too precious to blow on something that probably can wait and if it can’t, pull over. It only takes a minute.

Stay safe my readers!



6 Responses

  1. Scary! Some people just don’t get it. They insist on using the cell phone or eating and even reading while driving. Just crazy and totally unsafe for the rest of us.

  2. That sounds awful!!
    I will say I do give some nasty glares when I see people texting and driving…not only is it dangerous to them, but to others on the road as well!

  3. ohhh yikes! That sounds scary. Thankfully no one was hurt.

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