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The Wedding Show

A new week is here. It was a great weekend around here. We finally got the break from heat and humidity and it was glorious. I picked up some weird throat irritation thing on Friday night and so we spent more of the weekend pretty low-key. It never turned into a full-blown sore throat but there has been tenderness and even today I’m dealing with more of a dry throat.

I spent my Friday afternoon whipping around the house like a cleaning machine. I had the downstairs sparkling clean before Ben came home and discovered a pile of things that I needed to return to mom. Funny how over the months I accumulate a pan here or a bowl there. πŸ™‚

Saturday we were out running errands and swung by the drop off the bowls and pans. Mom had just gotten her monthly bulk food order and so I got to check out her goods: walnuts, cashews, coconut flour, rice, popcorn – Mom gets great deals on bulk organic dry goods. I’m looking forward to joining in on the fun after my diet is over. πŸ™‚


While we were there, mom offered to whip up a large batch of pancakes. Ben was super excited since we used to make these almost weekly back when I could have more carbs. Mom makes them gluten-free with buckwheat and oat flours and she has been making her own buttermilk/yogurt cultures which are amazing in the pancakes


Yummy – I really wanted some flapjacks. How can you beat blueberry banana and buckwheat?


I was planning to just eat when we got home but mom had some leftover salad that was perfect for me! There was a small amount of ham, tons of broccoli sprouts, cucumber, radish, and garden chives. All tossed with some homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Very tasty. It got all my lunch veggies in and then I went home and followed it up with my Ideal Protein food.


Sunday was the day I’ve been waiting for: The Wedding Show. They have a MUCH larger one in January but I didn’t want to wait that long to get the ball rolling on ideas.

I got my official sticker and we were off and running!


We arrived a little early and were one of the first people to get in. That worked great because then we had more time to talk to some of the vendors before all the crowds swarmed in. We walked down aisle by aisle and it was evident that after an hour or so, it was packed and you were lucky to squeeze in to get business cards – let alone talk to anyone!

Ben was there for cake tasting!


I’ve never considered myself a cake snob: I basically love everything “cake” but it was amazing how you could tell a ‘good’ cake from a ‘great’ cake as you walked and sampled.

And the cakes were gorgeous too! I want one of everything!


I actually like the ruffles!

All those flowers are made out of gumpaste. The pink ones were incredible!


But I love the delicate petal look on this one the most. Just gorgeous!


We tried a white chocolate raspberry that was unreal along with a carrot cake that was exquisite (and Ben’s favorite). Then at another place they had a vanilla sour cream cake with a strawberry cream and italian buttercream that was out of this world. Definitely have some decisions to make. But honestly, this is the part I actually enjoy. And yes, I broke my diet to sample cake. They were tiny pieces but this is too important to leave up to chance!! πŸ™‚

I was glad for the company in sampling all of the cakes. Second opinions are important. Plus, who turns down cake testing? Also, a big thanks to my crew for carrying around all my bags and business cards.


I now have a LARGE pile of business cards and pamphlets to work with. I think this will help me get started. We got a ton of DJ servies and photographers but slim pickings for florists and invitations. Invitations are proving to be a big problem. Anything remotely attractive will run you $400-600! Ouch!!

Along with the mountain of info I have to sort through, we did get two funny gift items: a potholder from a company that does cooking classes and a pair of mens formal wear socks. πŸ™‚


I’m sure my second email account and phone will be flooded today with all the vendors. But, it’s good to have some places to start with!

I have my mid-year review at work today. Always nervous for those so it will be great to have it over with. Then tonight I’ll be sitting down with a cup of coffee and begin sorting through the pile of business cards. Should be fun!


6 Responses

  1. One thing to look for with a cake is something that a bakery I used to work at did. Instead of the bride and groom freezing the top layer (who wants to celebrate the first year with freezer burned cake??) – they received a certificate for a free mini cake on their first anniversary. That’s a really nice touch. Because taste really matters with the cake, not just looks πŸ˜€

  2. So exciting!!! I never actually went to a bridal show, but it sounds intimidating yet awesome! πŸ™‚

  3. Dennis and I went to a wedding show years ago. For a while I lost him, but found him at the wine tasting table. And he was front and centre for the lingerie fashion show. So funny!!! It was a fun place for ideas, and WOW…some people’s wedding are so over the top!!! Look forward to following your planning and eventual wedding! It’s a fun and exciting time!

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