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Week 5 Weigh In

Here we are folks, it’s the end of 5 weeks. Oh does time fly in the summertime!

Today is, supposedly, the last day of this horrible 90+ degree heat wave. It’s hot, sticky, and overall miserable.

popped corn

It’s good to have a sense of humor about these things though. I saw this post on Facebook and laughed out loud – only because I live in WI and endure the horrible winters to AVOID the extreme heat of summer. So when I get both, it’s kinda rotten…

hot outside

In other words, if you live in FL, TX, AZ, NM, or the equator – I have no sympathy for you complaining about the heat. Oh, and can I come stay with you in January for a few months? 🙂

I actually had a surprisingly good week diet-wise. They told me that after a few weeks you’ll start to have good and bad weeks because of your body re-adjusting. But I still lost an impressive (to me) 2.8# this week, bringing the 5 week total to 17.8. I wonder if I can hit an even 20 by next week. That would be amazing.

Ben said it was too hot to grill last night and ended up making a pork stir-fry instead. He used Tamari and a low fat, low carb chicken broth as the base. I ate mine with just the meat and veggies and he served his over a plate of rice.


I have to say, I really enjoy meals where the veggies are mixed in. Much easier to eat the required vegetables that way!

I’ve always been a computer lover except for days like yesterday when I noticed my emails weren’t being forwarded correctly. As a result, I had almost 70 emails that I hadn’t seen and some that were pretty important. I missed an opportunity to move a dental appt to my upcoming week off and was too late to take advantage of a giveaway I’d won. I may have shed a tear or two. What a complete bummer! When I’m on top of everything and technology is working perfectly – it’s amazing. When it’s not – it’s absolutely horrible. I’m sure you all know what I mean!

It’s Friday which means a short day in the office. I’m actually thinking about laying a beach towel under a tree in the backyard and partaking of a at-home spa experience. Sweating out toxins is supposed to be really healthy, I just need to make sure I’m drinking extra water.

Last night we picked up our tickets for the weddin expo on Sunday. We’re going with one of my co-workers and I think she and Ben are already plotting out their approach for eating the most cake possible. I told Ben we have to go to the expo in January so I can sample cake then too. Should be fun. 🙂

Showers expected tonight and then the wind is blowing in much cooler air. I’m itching for the heat to wane so I can enjoy some late night walks. I have yearly mileage goals I need to make!

Have a great weekend everyone!


6 Responses

  1. Impressive diet success. Good for you.
    As for the heat, we’re having the same energy sucking extremes. Hoping for a lot cooler Sunday. Ted has a triathlon that starts at 9 am and if it was going to be in the 90’s, we’d all suffer.

  2. Awesome progress so far!!!! Fingers crossed for you that you can hit your 20 lbs. goal by next week!

  3. Wow – you are just rolling along! I get the technology thing. Going through that currently.

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