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Supporting the Red Birds


Well hello there my blog peeps…

I’m in a bit of a controversial mode right now – nothing crazy though! Today is our office’s annual “baseball day” where we can wear t-shirts or jerseys supporting our favorite baseball team. It’s not a big surprise that I take some gleeful amusement in wearing my St Louis Cardinals shirt (in a BRIGHT red, of course) and walk around smirking while all the people wearing the home team glare at me. *cough* who is #1 in baseball right now?? *cough* 🙂

Fun controversy folks. Hee

Yesterday continued the hot, sticky, humid and ridiculous weather of the week. Supposedly we get a break on Saturday but I’m not holding my breath! I went to Body Flow class last night and felt my feet sweating as I walked across the gym parking lot. 😦 I’m not made for this heat. Body Flow was good though although I’m pretty terrible at it. There’s a lot of side planks, planks, and downward dogs – all which require a lot of pressure on your hands and wrists. My wrists have always been sore and during a class like this, they are screaming at me. So I have to modify and wimp out for most of the moves. Still – it gets me back in the gym right?

I came home and proudly started prepping a new-to-me vegetable: turnips!


I peeled and sliced a turnip and then liberally sprayed with coconut oil. I used rosemary, garlic, and onion salt as spices and popped that into the oven at 425 for 20 minutes (flipping half way).


I was nibbling these right off the tray. Ben liked the starchiness of the turnip and the mild flavor. I won’t lie, these aren’t french fries (I wish!) but actually I was surprised by how good they were. You definitely want them crispy, so cook at a high temp, don’t over-oil, and eat right away.

Turnips are a restricted veggie on my diet – meaning I’m allowed one serving per week. I ate mine alongside some mushrooms and my hamburger. Delicious dinner!


We have a rutabaga on the counter that will turn into fries sometime next week. Can’t wait to see which I like more. Overall, I give the turnip fries a thumbs up!

Ben is driving to Madison for hopefully just another day trip. Poor guy – lots of driving around lately. We don’t have much planned for tonight. Once I get done with my nightly ritual of watering the veggie garden, I’m a hot and soggy mess. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. ugh so sorry you’re still feeling this heat wave. We had an epic storm last night but instead of cooling things off it drove up the humidity!

  2. I made roasted rutabagas and they were quite good!

    I am absolutely melting in this heat – and being cranky. Only 1 more day and it should start to get better.

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