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A Peek into the “Forest”

Howdy folks!

I woke up this morning and discovered that all of the windows in the house are foggy and full of condensation. That’s what happens when it is in the high 80s with high humidity and it rains. Oh boy. The news said the heat index today is supposed to be over 100. Needless to say, this girl is staying inside!

I should admit I had a momentary “oh crap” moment when I logged into our venue website and saw our names appear on the list of upcoming events:


It’s weird and real when you see it in print! Now I’m doing a slight panic thing again. It comes and goes. 🙂

Now that I’ve brought you up to speed on the growing garden, I thought I’d wander around the yard and show you what’s going on there. In a word: daylilies. They are everywhere!

Back by the shed:


In front of the house:


Some people aren’t big daylily fans but I really love them. They grow well and more importantly the rabbits leave them alone! My gorgeous asiatic lilies were devoured just before blooming. Pity too because I saw some gorgeous pink and white ones at the store. They were huge with lightly curling edges and I wanted to buy them all… but then I envisioned the rabbits gnawing away and I took them out of my cart and placed them back on the shelf.

So I am making due with the yellow standard ones…


Most of the lilies around the yard are yellow but in the unruly forest of greenery that represents my front-of-the-house flower bed, we have some light purple ones with yellow centers. Very pretty!


You cn see just how unruly things are looking. I’m itching to yank, transplant, and separate – but I need to do some more research on when to do it. I’m amazed at how long those purple ones are blooming!


I had this weird clump of “grass” that I wasn’t sure if it was a plant or actual grass – so I left it alone. Now I’m seeing some growth on the top making me wonder if it actually was grass and the seeds are about to be released!

Might have to start digging that up ASAP!


Flowers aren’t the only thing growing well in Casa ‘d Ali – we have larger than life prickers! I’m very odd but I’ll take the time to find a bunch of leaves to wrap around the base and attempt to pry the pricker out of the ground – only to kill my fingers. Why I don’t just walk into the shed and grab my gardening gloves? I do not know.


Oh! we also have a mysterious Z slashed on the grass. Was Zorro here one night?


Last night was dinner with Ben’s side of the family. We feasted on grilled chicken (cooked during the downpour!) and garden-fresh broccoli and beans. Ben’s Mom whipped up a strawberry pie which I had to pass on. whyyyyyyyyy!!!! 🙂

Now I’m waiting to hear from my workout buddy to see if we’re going to brave the heat to drag ourselves to Body Flow tonight. Feels a bit too hot to try any downward dogs!


3 Responses

  1. We’re in a heat wave here too! So it’s an inside day here as well!
    Gorgeous garden, I’m jealous of all your beautiful flowers!

  2. That purple lily is gorgeous! yay!

    I love that purple campanula you have growing all over there, too.

    I still remember running around as a kid with bare feet and running over prickers. Ow!!!

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