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What’s Growing?

It’s been a long time since I gave an update on the garden – and things have been growing!

In the beginning, everything was perfectly weeded and beautifully spaced..


Now it looks like the Amazon rainforest:


Woo-hoo – I am growing veggies!!!

When I started my garden this year, I told myself that I’d set low expectations simply because I didn’t know what would grow in the soil. So far I’ve been pretty pleased with the results.

My peppers are growing nicely. I keep thinking about the potted pepper plant I had last year and am hopeful between all these plants that I’ll get some decent-sized peppers that don’t rot before reaching an edible size!


Originally I had heard somewhere that broccoli grows really well next to tomatoes. Since then I’ve learned the opposite is true (oops!). Not much I can do now, but at this moment everything is growing well. The broccoli doesn’t have anything going on except leaves yet, but I do spot lots of little tomato flowers.


As well as a few little green ones – soooo awesome!


I misjudged my zucchini plants and they’ve now overgrown the yellow squash and the cantaloupe. I considered pulling one of the plants out but since it’s thriving, I figured I’d just let them go and see what happens.


Organic zucchini are $2.25 a piece in the store and we buy several each week, so I might as well have tons. I’m sure family will take any extras. 🙂

Lots of under-the-leaf zucchini action:


Although I planted 3 cantaloupe, only one came up and the plant is teeny-tiny. It will probably get choked out by the zucchini eventually. For now, it’s hovering on the very edge of the plant box.


I also have some purple bean flowers!


I have room in this bed for peas but I’m debating growing any this year after all. LOVE peas but they are not diet-approved (nor are beans, but Ben will eat beans). I hate having loads of fresh peas and not be able to eat them. So maybe I’ll try those next year.

Anyone need cilantro? That plant took off like CRAZY!


And the slow-growing rosemary has just about doubled in size…


Pretty flowers, just because…


And there you have it for the garden!

I think I’m most excited for the peppers and zucchini because those will save us a lot on the weekly grocery bill. The broccoli would be awesome but people tell me it’s hard to grow in this area, so I wasn’t overly optimistic. Most of the beans I’ll ship over to Mom & Dad’s and I’m thinking if there are tons of tomatoes… maybe I’ll try my hand at canning tomato sauce? Sounds ambitious but we’ll see.

We’re heading to Ben’s parents’ house for dinner tonight. Rumor is they have broccoli and beans from their garden already. Can’t wait to try them!!!


6 Responses

  1. your garden looks great!!!

    Those zucchini flowers leave me drooling. My MIL cooks them and they are so delicious. It’s basically the flowers chopped up with shredded zucchini, cheese and fresh basil. You make a batter with eggs and fry it up a little. SO GOOD!

    • wh-what? I’ve never heard of that but it sounds great! If you pull off the flowers does that affect the veggie from growing at all?

      • Not sure Allie! I should ask her. All I know is that she picks the flowers off washes them really well and then makes those fritters I was talking about with them. They are insanely freaking good!!!! I’m going to ask and send you an email if your interested!? Let me know!

      • I’d love the recipe! You can email me at alis.kitchen @ yahoo . com 🙂

  2. Looks like a success to me! 🙂

  3. Wow – look at your garden! Woo Hoo! Canning isn’t hard – definitely do it 😀

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