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Happy July 15th everyone!

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that we’re halfway through July. I’m loving these weeks of nothing to do. Of course, I have a long to-do list that I should be doing, but I’m procrastinating and just enjoying the nice days. We’re in the middle of another heat / humidity wave but the evenings have been lovely. I have to tote water to my garden each night but I honestly don’t mind it. I’m loving tending to my veggies (way overdue on a garden post – soon I promise!) and it’s cool and comfortable to lug the water later at night.

We were over at my parents for dinner this weekend and Mom made a fabulous spread of food. Burgers, fruit, cheezy potatoes – with ample broccoli and mushrooms for me!


I didn’t take a picture but my plate looked almost identical to this one:


I can pass on cheezy potatoes – I’m just really thankful Mom didn’t make another one of her blueberry pies! 🙂

Sunday morning lunch was the Ideal Protein tomato basil pasta with veggies. I wouldn’t say it’s the best pasta I’ve ever had (shocking 🙂 ) but after 4 weeks of no pasta at all, it’s a welcome change


I also learned that of the 8oz of protein you are allowed to eat at dinner, many people split that and do a smaller portion of meat for lunch and then have the rest at dinner. Sounded good to me so I cooked up some extra lean beef and mushrooms, cooked the pasta, and tossed it with some Walden Farms Italian dressing. I’m not a fan of the WF products for the most part, but this tastes pretty good on top of pasta.


For inquiring minds, here’s my stash of dinner vitamins:

We’ve got a multi, 2 calcium, potassium, fish oil, biotin, and B12. For lunch I take another multi along with vitamin D.

My mysterious purple flowers are still growing and blooming! They are taking up a large chunk of my tiny flower bed. Definitely need to figure out how/what to divide and transplant for next year!


Other than the usual stuff, nothing too major planned for this week. I picked up turnips, rutabaga, and jicama from the store and I’m going to roast them into “fries” and see what we like best. All new veggies for both of us – I’m excited to try them!! 🙂

Next Sunday we’re going to the local Wedding Show. Hoping to get some good ideas and connect with some vendors to begin planning some of those big pieces we need: photographer, florist, bakery, etc… Can’t wait!


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