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Week 4 Weigh In

good morning

Howdy and Happy Friday – the best day of the work week!

I’m a little surprised I’m already doing a week 4 update. Where does the time go? I was telling Ben yesterday that as much as I feel sick about missing out on fun summer foods *sob* peaches *sob*, the good thing about a summer diet is that the days go by fast. Think about it.

I was a little worried about how that lunch the other day would affect my overall week. I was off and running to a great start and there’s no doubt that it slowed me down the last two days, but I’m not too worried. Plus, when I calculated my 4-week grand total… well the number was too perfect to be anything else.

week 4

This week’s weigh-in was 2.2#, bringing my 4 week total to a neat and even 15 pounds. I will definitely take that!

The progress really helps me to stick with it. I’m not seeing too much overall change yet – although my capris are feeling loose in the waist – and it’s always interesting to see what you need to lose before you all of a sudden notice the change.

Ben had to run to Madison again last night, so we had to hold off on a fun grilling night we’d planned with my brothers. Instead, I whipped up some scrambled eggs loaded with approved veggies: broccoli and peppers


Ben topped his off with some pepperjack cheese. I miss cheese 🙂


So now that I’m officially starting week 5 today, and I’ve bored you with a month of diet updates – does anyone want to see weekly updates going forward? I could just update my sidebar goal instead. Just curious and I’d appreciate your thoughts.

After work I’m treating myself to a Groupon massage. It’s my one-month diet reward. Ben says when I hit 25lbs I get more flowers from him. Ha! 🙂 More incentive I guess. Right now 25 pounds seems like a long, long way off – but I know I’ll get there!!


PS Two rabbits were frolicking in the grass this morning. Grrr… Hop in the trap already!


6 Responses

  1. Congratulations! You are doing fantastic!

    I shouldn’t tell you, but I will be making peach jam this weekend 😀

  2. Congrats!! 🙂 That’s really awesome! Bring on week 5!

  3. Congrats on your awesome loss so far!!!

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