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Restaurant Failure

There’s no secret that Ben and I like to eat out. When I went away to college my Freshman year, my parents moved to Green Bay. That meant when I graduated, I had zero friends in my new town. So I spent a lot of time with my family, working, and hanging around the house.

Who likes to eat out alone? I tell Ben I’m making up for lost time! 🙂 Since starting my wedding diet, our dining out has been severely curtailed. After all, more than 95% of menu items contain either sugar, carbs, or too much fat to align with my dietary guidelines. I’ve spent some time researching though and we have had luck at a few different places.

We’ve eaten at Applebees. I find if places have a lean steak and the proper veggies, then I’m all set and Ben can order pasta to his heart’s content. I ordered the sirloin, asked what the veggie was, asked if they had broccoli instead (most places have broccoli in some kind of dish – so that’s safe) and then asked if I could get double broccoli instead of the potato. Here you go: perfectly on the diet!


Ben would likely either go for a burger and fries or pasta…


Pasta for the win!

This method has been working out really well for us and now dining out is a special treat. Our favorite supper club closed down (Nooooooooo!) so finding new places that work with my diet is a bit of a challenge.

Yesterday our boss at work took us to lunch for a department meeting. The place had a nightmare menu for me: wraps, sandwiches, noodle soups, bean chilis, and sugary salads. The one item that looked “safe” was the cobb salad and so I ordered that. Please hold the breadstick and put the dressing on the side.

I didn’t plan to eat the dressing but I really wanted it to appear as “normal” as possible. I don’t like to advertise that I’m on a diet and I don’t want it to be a lunchtime work discussion. When my salad arrived with the dressing dripping out across half the plate, I wished I’d just asked them to hold it.

So I picked around and ate what I could – knowing I wasn’t getting the right amount of protein and definitely not the right veggies either (lettuce doesn’t count). I was starving by dinner time and, sure enough, gained weight this morning. Crazy huh?

Oh, and I woke up starving too. Maybe I knocked myself out of ketosis. Fail.

diet prevention

What can I say, diets are hard. What makes them harder is that you still have to live while you’re on them! It can be a challenge to avoid those chocolate covered strawberries at a brother’s wedding or have to politely pass on a baked good when a co-worker brings an extra one to your desk just for you.

It takes time but I know if it were easy, we all would be at our ideal weights. Right? When I first started this diet and they told me people lose an average of 2-3lbs a week, I immediately started charting it out:

goal chart

Based on how I’ve been losing so far, I’ll hit my target towards the end of October. October Here’s another reason why it’s so hard for people to sticks to diets – we think we can’t stay the course. The end seems forever away. I’ve really had to adjust my mindset this time around. I’m not looking at October, I’m taking this one day, one week at a time. October seems like forever away, but I can handle one more day. I just keep telling myself that every morning. 🙂

Well.. I’m off to make my morning Ideal Protein drink – cappuccino. Not a huge fan of this flavor so I’m trying to drink them all up! For any of you dieters or past dieters out there, did you tell people you were on a diet or keep it private?


6 Responses

  1. i usually do better with the support of others, but it’s still so hard. I lost about 4 pounds and have just stopped. Haven’t gained back, but still slowed down a ton. One little setback isn’t the end of the world. Jump right on, and get right back to it! 🙂

  2. I just found your site and I totally know how you feel when it comes to struggling to stay the course. I’m in the process of fixing 6 years of bad food habits and sometimes all I can see is how long it will take to get back to healthy. I’m just trying to make the best decision each time I have a choice. Good luck!

    • Welcome Rachel!

      I think your plan is right on the mark. You have to tackle each decision as they come along. For healthy eating, weight loss, whatever – I think it’s overwhelming to try and think about things like “months” or “forever” or “completely eliminate” so I operate with things like “today” and “right now”. Helps to stay focused. Let me know how you do!!!

  3. We’ve been running into the same problem when it comes to eating out. Some nights when I don’t feel like cooking I’ll entertain the idea of going to a restaurant but when I start doing a little research and I figure out how few options there really are we say screw it and stay in.

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