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A Beautiful, Scorching Wedding


The holiday weekend is over and it’s back to reality over here folks. The 4th of July was great and I need to do an update post on that but today we’re talking WEDDING stuff. My older brother Dan got married on Friday.

They chose a small ceremony at the bride’s house with family and close friends and were planning the reception the following day as more of a family friendly function at our local amusement park. They had set the backyard up so cute for the wedding – torches, pretty arches, prism icicles hanging from trees and flowers everywhere.


Sara, my new sister (woooo!) was a stunning bride. Her dress was gorgeous and I loved the side-swept hair do she had with a pretty flower clip. Their officiant was phenomenal. He had some great stories, good advice, and a few funny jokes thrown in as well. It was a wonderful ceremony. That was good too, because it was 91 degrees and we were all sitting in the full sun. Yikes!


Ben insisted on full suit jacket wear. I think he was one of 4 people in a jacket. I thought he was crazy but he wanted to look dapper. He’s so adorable.


My nephew Xavier popped his ladykiller pose for me – loved the vest and hat!


They had an amazing spread of food and once again I was wishing I wasn’t on a diet. The willpower this is taking is ridiculous. But if I were to cheat, I’d knock my body out of ketosis and would have to go 3-5 days of headaches and crumminess to get back there again. Figured it’s better to stay the course.

Meanwhile everyone else feasted on shrimp, meatballs, hot wings, crab puffs, cheese, and these killer looking chocolate covered strawberries. I’m now thinking I want those at our wedding next year!


The bride is a cheesecake fan and they had four different cheesecakes. I watched everyone sample the white chocolate, banana cream, turtle, and amaretto and sat and sipped my water.




My brother’s beautiful new family – sporting the red, white, and blue wedding theme!


Mom & Dad with the bride and groom


I grabbed Ben so we could get a picture together. I recycled the same dress I wore to a friend’s wedding in September. I had a lighter-colored one picked out for this event but it was heavier and I wanted to wear the coolest thing I could find in my closet. I don’t like the heat. 🙂


Gotta say, I’m losing weight but not really seeing it in pictures yet… Sure hope it’s worth it for all those chocolate covered strawberries I ignored!

I didn’t take pictures at the reception but got this one of the cake table. I think they stole my idea for TONS of cupcakes and a smaller main cake. The red-topped cupcakes were all frosted in giant flowers. LOVE!!

wedding cupcakes

Congrats to Dan & Sara. Wishing you many years of happiness together.

I managed to get my cross-stitch finished, framed, and wrapped in time but in my haste I forgot to take a picture. Major fail! I’ll have to see if Sara will take a picture and email it to me so you can see the final result. It turned out super cute.


4 Responses

  1. I love the pictures!!! Her hair piece is adorable 🙂 And that family is so cute in their red, white, and blue!

  2. I just love weddings! It looks beautiful and they are so lucky to have such a bright, sunny day. Congrats to brother Dan 🙂

  3. Oh, gorgeous photos! Love the blue,white,red theme!

  4. What a beautiful family! Congratulations to all!

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