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Oh What a Beautiful Morning

… Oh what a beautiful day. I’ve got a beautiful feeling, everything’s going my way.

It’s a Folgers commercial gorgeous morning here. We had the windows open last night and it was wonderfully cool. It’s supposed to warm up into the mid 70s today, thereby creating the perfect cycle of weather delight (at least in my book). We have some much hotter temps coming up so I am enjoying these days while we have them.

The shrubs that the rabbits first began chewing this spring have sufficiently grown back. The shapes aren’t particularly pretty (I didn’t see a point to pruning them while we still maintain an active rabbit nightlife) but they did bounce back enough to blossom. They look OK, nothing special. Makes me wonder if, at some point, I’ll want to replace these with something else.


Here’s a great look at the front of the house. The rose bushes are the new crop d’jour for the bunnies and two of the 5 are looking pretty ragged but there are still ample, fragrant flowers to enjoy. You can see the first of my day lilies popping up by the flag and my potted flowers are doing well. The marigolds that were supposed to help fend off the rabbits aren’t doing their job and each day there is a little more chewing going on.


Ben’s mom stopped over to give Ben his birthday strawberry pie. Strawberry pie is one of Ben’s favorites and every year around his b-day is when the local berry crop is ready for picking. So Ben’s mom will whip up a pie for both the brothers and drop them off. I am sad I cannot have any. I think Ben is glad he’ll have it all to himself!


I’ve been avoiding being anywhere NEAR the kitchen when he’s cutting a piece so I don’t have to witness the smell of fresh berries and sugar. Imagine my surprise when I found this picture on my camera:


I have to laugh a little bit. šŸ™‚ Mystery plated piece of pie for all of you to enjoy. lol

Dinners are all about grilling this time of year. Ben handles the meat and I handle the veggies. Last night it was grilled chicken with a broccoli, mushroom, zucchini sautee (minus the shrooms for Ben).


Interestingly enough, I do better on stricter diets. The whole “moderation” thing on a diet never worked for me. A little cheat here and a little cheat there and before you know it, you’re off the diet more than you’re on. I’m better at saying no to everything, buckling down, and getting the job done. I may not be eating strawberry pie, and I may be dreaming about sugar and brownie batter every night, but I’m staying the course!


4 Responses

  1. As much as that cake looks delicious, that dinner does too!!

  2. Dinner looks wonderful!

  3. Ooooh! A piece of pie for me!

  4. I’d take the chicken over the pie. That looks so good. The whole dinner does. Have a great day Ali.

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