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Too Bizarre to be True

By now you all are well aware of my rabbit sagas. While I tend to gripe over the loss of blooming flowers, gorgeous shrubs, and now non-existent plants, I do realize that most homeowners have their own local gripe. Maybe it’s a next door neighbor who has too many late night parties, a curb that screams for people to dispose their litter on it, or your own critter that just cannot be removed.

My parents’ backyard is a haven for all kinds of wildlife. And, for the most part, my family just LOVES all the action they see on an almost-daily basis. Since last Fall they began tracking a group of deer that show up each morning. I don’t think you’d believe me if I told you exactly how many deer photos they have on the family camera now. 🙂

Each deer has its own name and can be easily identified by my parents and brothers. There is Scar, Mama, Hot Stick, and Beef Stick. Yes, we get creative in our names. I’m waiting to see when “Mama” comes back with a little fawn. I would have thought we’d have seen one by now.

Here are Beef and Hot last year. They were much scrawnier this Spring!

They’ve had the occasional visit from a groundhog. I love the action shots of them eating! Her name is very creative: Mama Groundhog. 😉

Naturally I am the most jealous of the pair of foxes that roam about the yard. We’re assuming they feast on something but since Mom still finds some of her plants to be rabbit-gnawed, we’re guessing there must be a LOT of food to keep those foxes feasting. If only they’d have two little babies that I could pick up and transplant in my yard…

There are pictures of turkeys, hawks, eagles – all kinds of animal shots. Maybe one day I’ll do a post on their backyard wildlife perserve. Ha! But despite all these animals, my mom’s favorites are the birds. My grandma was a huge bird fanatic and I think that’s where my mom’s interest came from.

They have hundreds of bird pictures and mom keeps several feeders stocked with varying treats to keep the different ones coming back.

But, as I mentioned before, all homeowners have something that drives them nuts. For those who are bird lovers, the biggest problem comes in two forms: squirrels and chipmunks

They eat all the bird seed, scare away the pretty feathered friends, and drive their dog Hailey absolutely crazy. I think Hailey has been growing increasingly nuts watching all the interesting animals prancing about the yard. A few weeks ago Hailey spotted a baby rabbit and dashed over, scooped it up into her mouth, and Mom had to dash over and pry her jaws open to let the little guy out. Lucky it was Mom who discovered it – with my *love* for rabbits right now, I might have let the dog play a bit more. I’m teasing, ok? 🙂

So this all comes down to yesterday afternoon. Mom opened the door to let Hailey outside and she bolted at the site of a “chippy”. Mom deftly swooped in, caught the chipmunk in a net (see how smart my Mom is?), and started to move the chippy to safety. The chippy was having none of that though and lept out of the net. Taking one darting glance at the leaping, barking, frantic dog and having no where else high to dash to, the chippy did the only logical thing:

And Mr Chippy remained on his perch long enough for Mom to call Matt, have him walk upstairs, survey the situation, go back inside, get the camera, and take this picture. How ridiculous is this!? Mom said she was so shocked she could barely muster a smile. I think she did great!

So there you have it folks – a quick peek at the craziness that is my family. ❤ 🙂


One Response

  1. That’s so awesome!

    I love foxes, but around here there is an epidemic of rabies and the media has warned us to be on the lookout. A fox came up and bit a child last week and it tested positive for rabies. Scary stuff.

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