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Humid, Hot, Etc…

As I sit at my computer screen and stare out of the window into my driveway, I’m beginning to regret buying a two-story house. All the heat rises and so while the downstairs is cool and comfortable, the upstairs (where I sleep) resembles the rainforest after a 90 degree rainstorm – heavy, thick, hot and humid. Every once in a while I run my hand over my back to see if I’m sweating. Luckily, I’m good right now. Ha!

The company I used to work for right out of college put on amazing summer picnics for families every year. There was amazing food, a gift bag full of awesome stuff, tickets to whatever place we were at (zoo passes, amusement park rides, railroad train passes, etc…) and now that I’m working for a much larger company, the summer event consists of a free lunch. Long gone are the days I’d pack up Matt and Alex and make them go with me (ok, they had fun though) to each summer picnic.

Well, Ben’s company does do a family summer event. So we drove down to Appleton to see the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers play baseball.


We had the whole new private boxed area all to ourselves. The room was nice and air conditioned and while the food choices were limited given my dietary restrictions right now, I found burgers and pickles and made my meal out of that. I skipped the delicious cookies and the free mixed drinks and chugged my water while enjoying the view.

There’s a little grass area where people can buy really inexpensive tickets and lay out on blankets.


When the game started they opened up the retractable windows and we were able to sit in the high cocktail tables and have a fantastic view of the diamond while still enjoying some of the air conditioning blowing through.


And a really fun perk? The freebie at the door were these fantastic hats!


Ben’s decided this is going to be his new lawn mowing hat. 🙂

Ben got the lawn mowed last night. By 7pm it had cooled down to 80 and the breeze made it feel pretty good. Ben zoomed around quickly getting the grass clipped and I took off for a very light, very slow walk. Since I’m heavily restricting carbs right now, all cardio and weight lifting is discouraged. However, slow walks are allowed and so I saunter around the neighborhood which is nice. It feels good to be able to go for a walk and not have to worry about my pace or heart rate. I almost never walked just to walk – I was always working on training and trying to build up to that first mile. I still took my Garmin because I want to add the mileage to my yearly goal, but I didn’t have to worry about being fast at all. Still, even slowly walking around, I managed

Oh, I also put the final touch on Dan’s wedding cross stitch gift. I’m taking it to the framemakers today and will cross my fingers it is back by next week Friday. The wedding is just around the corner. It’s still hard to believe my brother will be married in less than two weeks. Soooo exciting!

Have a fantastic day everyone. Try and stay cool. Unless you’re one of those crazy people who like the 90/humid weather and in that case, head South and take it all with you!!! 🙂


8 Responses

  1. Those summer events sound so fun! I wish we did something for teachers, but I guess having off all summer is fun enough 🙂 It’s super duper hot and sticky here, too!

  2. I like events like that. With both John and I self-employed, we don’t get those perks anymore LOL!

    We have a couple more days of heat and humidity, then it should return to more normal temps. I was out biking this morning before it got too hot, but it was really humid and I was sweating buckets!

    • Yes, but I’d imagine that being able to have time in the morning to bike before the heat gets intense is a great work-from-home perk. 🙂 I keep hoping they resurface the road by our house so I can bike to work. It’s only 2 miles, but the road is falling apart (HUGE potholes) and people driving 55mph. Kinda scary at 6am!

  3. Oh these types of events are so much fun!!! Stay cool! It’s been really hot and humid in these parts too and it’s just terrible

  4. I love summer events like this! Bring ’em on, but keep the humidity away!! Have a great day Ali.

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