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Week 1 Weigh In

We made it to the end of the work week!

I officially weigh in every Friday for my new diet and then take measurements and email my diet coach all the information so we can discuss later in the day. The first week on most diets post bigger numbers just because of water so I was expecting slightly more than the “typical” 2-3lbs a week they say most people will lose.

Weigh in: 6.8# lost

That’s a terrific number for the first week and I’m really excited. Water weight or not, it’s hard not to be motivated to keep trucking along when the first week looked so rewarding.

I bought a measuring tape to try and take body measurements and we’ll see how that goes. I’m not great at remembering the exact place I took the measurement each week so it’s easy to be a little off.

I’m ridiculously thirsty all the time so I’m going to go over that with my coach to see what may be up. In the meantime, I was looking for some ways to spice up my plain drinking water. I stumbled upon a Facebook post about a “lemon detox” water and decided to give it a try.

Lemon slices, cucumber slices, and fresh mint leaves are all you need.

I took the stems off the mint and chopped each leaf in half. Then I thinly sliced 4 lemons and 2 large cucumbers



I filled up a large pitcher with water and then refridgerated overnight. The next day I strained all the seeds out and had cucumber mint lemonade. It’s a pretty cool blend – the drink is sourly sweet from the lemons and ends slightly bitter and cool with the cucumber. I did add a few drops of liquid stevia to it and the end result was wonderful!


The weather looks like some rain and HIGH 80s temps over the weekend. Doesn’t sound great but it will be good for the grass, trees, and my garden – assuming it doesn’t wash all my plants away 🙂

Tomorrow is Ben’s birthday. I bought him an hour-long massage so he can get some pampering and then we’ll go out for a steak dinner. Happy early 33rd hun!


6 Responses

  1. Way to go!!

  2. You ROCK! I have been slacking lately, and put back a few of the pounds I had lost, but your big loss is motivating to me! Keep it up 🙂

  3. Congrats on a successful week 1! And happy birthday to Ben!

    I need to try that drink. It sounds good! I bet it would be good added to seltzer water, too.

    • I bet it would be great with seltzer. Just make sure you let it sit for several hours so the flavors develop. Otherwise you don’t really get any of the cucumber flavor coming through.

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