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Veggies here, there, and everywhere

Before my parents moved to Green Bay, we lived in a renovated old farmhouse out in the country of Northern WI. We had 7 amazing acres that were perfect for us kids to roam and play. There was a large creek and man-made (child-made?) walking path that wrapped around the side. We were known for making little forts inside the trees with everything from wood scraps, to pine needles and tree boughs, to old carpet remnants for decorating our little spaces. Then we’d walk up and down the path and come “visit” each other and see who was building what. It was terrific.

One of the other amazing things was our huge garden. It started out small (which is relative) and then the following year we doubled the size. It was massive – probably bigger than a 4 stall garage – and we grew the standards every year: peas, green and wax beans, carrots, beets, onions, raspberries, rhubarb, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash and an assortment of herbs. Then we had a section for whatever new stuff we wanted to try: broccoli one year, potatoes another, pumpkins several years. I still remember the late summer days swimming down the rows of berries happily munching away and sinking my hands into the cool soil in search of potatoes.

With all those great memories, along with a desire to try and eat more clean foods (ie, non-pesticide / herbicide / whatever-ridden), I’ve been dying for a garden of my own ever since I got my first apartment. I tried growing a bell pepper last year on my apartment porch, but it didn’t work. This year we crafted a small starter garden and I’ve been happily tending to it and seeing if I can make anything grow.

I bought a large selection of veggies but soon realized I wouldn’t have time or room to plant them all.


I bought a few tomato plants and several pepper plants already established and got those planted first


If all those peppers live to bear fruit (err veggie) then we’ll be swimming in peppers!


The two tomato plants were whithering almost as soon as I planted them (see the edge of the other one off to the right?) Thinking they would both eventually die, I bought a third and tucked it between them. Luckily he’s still alive and kicking.

I was kinda stupid and didn’t mark what I’d planted in each row. I didn’t do a lot of rhyme or reason, just dropping a seed or two here and there concentrating only enough to properly space and check depth before planting.

However I am pretty sure this is broccoli:


I think this is either a zucchini or a summer squash. I have two plants that popped up!


I planted two rows of bush beans but only 3 seeds popped up. I tucked a few more in the ground. There’s still space in the last bed to plant snap peas later on – I missed planting for an early crop and need to wait a bit before the Summer scorch is waning before planting the late crop.


I am ridiculously excited though. The rabbits have stayed outside, which is terrific, and I can’t wait to eat something out of the garden. Then we’ll see what grew well and what didn’t and can cater what we plant better for next year.

Then again, next year I warned Ben I might want a HUGE fruit garden for berries 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Yayyy! It’s a start! I bet within a few years, your garden will grow too 🙂 Totally jealous!

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