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Egads on the makeup front!


Howdy partners! I’m feeling a little bit country today – and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. I also have no idea what that really means, but it sounds cool so we’re sticking with it. πŸ˜‰

I have a scary / horrible story to share. Last Friday I went to get a facial. I’ve been getting them about every other month or so to try and give me glowing skin. Heck, I’m in my 30s now and can’t get away with just splashing some water on my face and calling it a day.

Anyway, I really love the girl I see. She’s chatty but not overly chatty and we get along great. She was excited to hear my wedding plans for next year and thought it would be fun to do “wedding makeup” after my facial appointment. So she blocked some extra time on her schedule, sat me down in a chair, and proceded to give me a gorgeous new face.

Oh dear.

I told her I’m not a big makeup person (maybe I’ll slick on some mascara or, if I’m feeling really classy, swipe on some lip gloss too) but that’s the extent. So I mentioned the word “subtle” several times.


I’m not sure the picture is doing justice to just how horrible it was. From my totally fake looking rosy cheeks, to the now odd shape of my eyes – not to mention my nose now looks about 10x bigger than normal. If this is as good as it gets folks, I’m so screwed πŸ™‚ I think what I hated most was all the powder everywhere. It settles into each pour, each line, etc and when you get close and look at me, I think that’s all you see. In fact, I was so mortified with the look I skipped all my errands I had planned to run afterwards and raced home to scrub it all off.

Probably in part I’m just not used to it. But honestly, how can all those women on TV look like they aren’t wearing any makeup at all because it so effortlessly blends with their faces? Or am I crazy and was my makeup look not as dreadful as I thought…

Here’s me making dinner. Not as up close but I don’t think my nose is taking up 1/2 my face in this either.



Oh well. I have 11 months to figure makeup out!

We caught rabbit #5 last night! I was super excited because my original rabbit count was 5. However last night we saw FOUR more scurrying all over the lawn. I don’t know where they came from! They weren’t tiny little babies either. Grrr. Just when I think I am making headway.

As far as the diet goes, things were crazy yesterday. For some reason I couldn’t get enough water. I was chugging almost non-stop and still was thirsty. I’m thinking this may be a symptom of the carbs working their way out of my system. I’ll need to talk to my coach about it on Friday. I logged 176 oz of H20! Let’s just say there’s no concerns about me not being hydrated enough!! πŸ™‚

Last night we make taco salads. I can eat tomatoes once a week and had them over a bed of lettuce. I couldn’t find a taco seasoning pack (even my go-to organic stuff) that was sugar, wheat, and potato starch free so we ended up flipping over the label on the organic mix and dumping all the spices in that were listed. It ended up working fine.


Ben’s not doing the low-carb deal with me but he’s definitely eating less just as a result of our meals. However, here’s a good example of how we ate the same thing for dinner but Ben just modified his a bit to make it work for him. He added 1/2c of rice, some queso, and cheese. Mmm I could go for that cheese right now. πŸ™‚


I do my official weigh-ins every Friday so I thought I’d use those posts to go into more details about the diet, etc… Aside from being thirsty yesterday, I’m feeling pretty good. Maybe only slightly hungry during the day but nothing bad at all. So far, so good.

Need to run to the store after work for more carrots. Determined to catch those other 4 plant nibblers! Have a super Wednesday everyone.


8 Responses

  1. ohh I’m so sorry you were disappointed with your make-up! Hopefully you’ll find something that suits you better before your big day!

  2. I’d suggest going to a Bobbi Brown counter – hopefully there’s one at a mall near you. I’ve been wearing her cosmetics for years and the best part is her products and the application style is geared towards enhancing what you already have/making you look as natural as possible but with a little added oomph!

  3. Definitely try other makeup counters since you have plenty of time. If you have a Body Shop in your mall – try theirs. I don’t think your makeup is all that heavy. When I had my photo shoot done, I felt like I had a ton of bricks on my face and I was surprised at how natural I looked in photos. Go figure. I wear a bit of mascara and that’s its. Sometimes I lightly tightline if we are going out, but that’s the max. I did my own makeup for our wedding and I wore more at the time anyway and didn’t do a lot different.

  4. I NEVER EVER wear makeup…and I am not really feeling the need to on my big day…maybe mascara if I am feeling nuts. Obviously, if you’re not comfy in it, it wasn’t the best for you! Try going elsewhere for another try πŸ™‚

  5. Just my opinion, but your makeup looks very nice. I especially love your lip color. I can relate to you also because I wear very minimal makeup and when I try to do something “trendy” I look like a clown (in my opinion). If you still want to try something, I agree with the other posters and find another makeup counter. Everyone has their different opinion of what subtle and natural means to them.

    • I really appreciate the feedback. I think since I’m used to wearing so little makeup, it’s a shock to me and it’s all I see. So it helps to get opinions from people who don’t see me every day. Thank you πŸ™‚

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