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What’s Blooming?

Good morning everyone. I hope Monday treated you well. We had nice temps and some on again / off again showers yesterday. The plan was to come home and drop rabbit #3 off in the woods somewhere far, far away. When we got home we realized we had caught another rabbit. Woo Hoo!

Goliath is still roaming about the yard though. I keep checking to see if I can spot more than one rabbit prancing about the yard at the same time. I’ve been trying to estimate approximately how many rabbits are living in our yard and my original count was 5. If that number still holds true, then all that remains is Goliath.

He will be mine – muhahahaha! 😉

After the bleeding heart began blooming and the last tulip petals had been washed far away, there wasn’t much activity in my front garden to report on. Finally though, I have a new bloom!


I did some online searching and nothing has really been conclusive. Whatever these little guys are, they spread like crazy! The overall garden is looking really overgrown too – with the spreading purple flowers, the day lilies, and the huge bleeding hearts, it just looks like a complete mess. Plus, the bleeding hearts are blocking out other plants underneath.



This lone guy looks like some sort of lily, I’m looking forward to seeing it bloom:


There’s one very established bleeding heart and a smaller one next to it. I am still considering moving the smaller one around to the side of the house instead. I’m also considering moving the purple flowers too. My ultimate vision is to clear all the landscape rocks from around the trees in the yard and replace with a bit of dirt, some mulch, and then hostas and other flowers.

Remember the shrub that I had to completely chop down to nothing after the rabbit damage?


Now that the rabbit population has decreased and the shrub has had some time to regroup, I’ve been shocked at how well it bounced back. At one point I honestly thought I was going to have to yank this shrub out and put in something new but now I think he’ll make it and do just fine.


We even got a few tiny flowers. Hurray!


Seeing how well this plant bounced back really made me happy – it’s such a beautiful shrub too!

On the front sidewalk, the roses are blooming now too.


I have 5 rose bushes and they are all this same kind of tea rose. This plant is just covered in tiny pink buds. Although I love seeing them bloom right now, I do have plans to remove two of the bushes and give them to my mom and then plant two different kinds of roses for a bit more variety. These guys have been growing quite a bit too and I think I’m going to need to read up on rose bush pruning.


Around the backside of the house are a couple other rose bushes but those seem to have had some rabbit damage. So sections look fine while others look horrible. The leaves almost look like some bug chewed threw them all. I’m sure the plant is in distress from the chewing and probably can’t protect itself this summer.


Windy picture but you can see all the dead branches mixed in with the healthy ones and then all the odd holes in the leaves.

Another one of the rabbit meals has been bouncing back. It’s pretty small and low to the ground now but it’s bursting with flowers:


I’m so glad we started catching the rabbits. I love looking at all these plants way too much to have just watched them get chewed down to nothing all year. Plus, it’s helpful for determining which I want to keep, what I want to move, and what I still want to buy. I am having trouble deciding between tons of variety with all my favorite plants and shrubs versus just a few kinds throughout and keep it all matching and more “classy”. I tend to vote for variety while Ben prefers things to look more organized. 🙂

I passed up on pizza and cookies yesterday. The things a girl does to look great on her wedding day! Starting to feel less hungry though so maybe the last of the errant carbs are working themselves out of my system. Looking forward to weigh-in on Friday to see what I’ve lost.

Happy planting!


6 Responses

  1. You have such a nice garden.
    We bought our flowers this past weekend but forgot about the deer making a home in our yard. I strategically placed 2 bags of doggy do by the garden to keep them away. It will keep anyone else away as well but at least the flowers will go uneaten.

    Good luck with the weight management endeavors. It’s tough but you’ll do it. Just make sure you feel good and the changes you make are ones you can incorporate for years to come (as opposed to fad-diet techniques).

    • The doggy-do is a great idea. I also heard that taking clumps of dog hair and putting that around is also supposed to help… and maybe wouldn’t have quite the odor too. 🙂

  2. Those are so pretty! Those purpley ones are too gorgeous 🙂 Jealous! Impressive with the pizza and cookies! My weaknesses!

  3. I think the purple flowers are clematis (http://glowie.com/clematis/). I have a similar looking plant. It’s gorgeous when it blooms!

  4. Yay flowers!! Those blue ones I am almost positive are Campanula Blue Clips. That’s a very popular flower and they grow and will spread. The nice thing is that you can divide the clumps and share them!

    I don’t know know what those shrubs are. I am not very good with shrubs.

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