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Transplant Count: 2

We got our first taste of Summer weather yesterday. Temps were above 80 and when we got home from work, it definitely felt like we’d rather be in the basement than upstairs! Ben turned on the A/C for a little while so we could try it out and make sure it was working correctly for the season. I remember a few years ago, the A/C at his previous house stopped working during the hottest week of the year (naturally). So perhaps that’s why he’s a wee bit paranoid. 🙂

We packed up to head over to my folks’ house. A little behind on the 8 ball with all that we’ve had going on, but we were “formally” celebrating my Dad’s birthday – just a little late. Alex is home from the hospital and recovering now so it seemed like a good time to have a relaxing evening.

Mom made porcupine meatballs for dinner. These are a family favorite!


My mom is one of the best cooks I know. Yes, I know everyone says that about their mom. 🙂 Every year she asks what kind of cake the birthday person wants and then whips up something absolutely amazing. This year Dad said he wanted a “healthy lemon cake” so Mom got to work on a new recipe…


Whoa, this had to be the worst cake I’ve ever tasted. Ha ha! You know it’s a bad sign when we all eat in silence and when offered a second slice, no one takes one. The whipped cream topping was fantastic and the lemon cream in the middle was good too but the cake itself had the weirdest texture no one could quite figure out. It was a funny experience though, and I’m sure there will be countless family jokes about the “lemon cake” from now on. Time to throw that recipe out!

Speaking of failures, I didn’t plan my birthday gift to Dad very well. In my mind, the Cardinals shirt I bought him last year was vastly different from the one I got him this year. Hmm, not so much. 


Ehh it doesn’t matter – he’ll get tons of use out of it anyway. BTW – Cardinals are rocking the MLB season so far. 😉

When we came home I watered garden and my hanging flower pots and then went to check on the rabbit traps. We bought two a week ago and no critters have been interested. Meanwhile, the bait keeps getting old and covered in ants… I was thinking of just leaving them until the Fall and when the grass starts to brown up, I’m betting they’ll be more interested in my carrots, lettuce, and apples.

But victory was mine – BOTH of the traps caught rabbits yesterday. Ya-hoooooo!

A “little” baby rabbit:


And a mean, grouchy, beady-eyed big monster:


Luckily – I have an awesome fiance to help me “transplant” these critters to their new home!


They fit perfectly in the plastic storage tray Ben has in the back of his jeep. I swear they were made for two rabbit cages.


Plus that meant we didn’t have to worry about them sliding around on the drive. It was perfect and easy. Interesting note, the big, mean one ate the entire bunch of carrots (complete with leafy stems) while he was in captivity. Those critters eat a TON).

We drove a ways out into the countryside and then let them go in between some empty fields with a nice patch of woods in the middle. I’m sure they’ll be happy (and so will my plants)!

First haying of the season already, what a contrast from the drought last year.


2 down, 100 to go!


4 Responses

  1. Oh no!!! Mom cake fail! haha Look at those cutie rabbits 🙂

  2. Laughing that the rabbit was either thinking it was his last meal and he better chow down or that he totally did not even care.

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