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Last Minute Trips


Good morning everyone! With the bloom of Monday fully past, we are officially in the middle of the week. I never confuse a Monday or a Friday with any other day, but I’m often known to get my Tues/Wed/Thursdays mixed up. Usually thinking it’s a Wed or Thurs when it’s only a Tues or Wed. Oh well.

Since I’m starting my new diet on Friday, I am using this week to let Ben get in some of his favorite foods. While he’s not going to join me, it still affects him since we won’t be doing our usual Sunday morning breakfast or evening restaurant excursions. This past weekend we decided to do a quick day trip up to Door County. Nothing major, just have a little fun and window shop.

We went back to the same restaurant we’d dined at a couple years earlier and really loved: The Bluefront Cafe. They have all kinds of organic menu options and use local products. The food was just as good as I remembered.

Ben tried the meatloaf sandwich on grilled jalapeno sourdough bread, which was really good.


I went for my beloved turkey sandwich on black bean salsa bread. I wish I could buy loaves of the bread because it is absolutely amazing. They have really great fries too – they seem breaded or something. Anyway, they are awesome. The service was painfully slow but we weren’t in any hurry so it worked out perfectly.


Dessert was a powdered sugar chocolate chip cookie. Chocolate chip cookies might be my reason for living. 🙂010

It was super-duper cold and windy so we walked a few blocks down to the water, took pictures while I hopped from one foot to the other to stay warm, and then headed to the main streets to pop in and out of little shops.

011 012 018

We found some wind chimes we really liked but for whatever reason decided not to buy them. However the more I’ve been thinking about them, the more I want them. They’d look so pretty on a hook at the front of the house and the sounds were so delicate and beautiful. I’d love to be able to sit out on the porch and listen to my wind chimes play. So we called Ben’s folks last night and asked if they could pick them up for us the next time they’re heading to their camp site. I’m excited to get them!

Mom took Alex to Urgent Care yesterday. He had a fever the night before but yesterday morning it blossomed into a worrisome 104 degrees. After NINE attempts to give him an IV, the Drs gave up. Very odd – Alex is the kind of person with low body fat and veins just popping out all over. Not good. His white blood cell count was through the roof, he was terribly low on sodium, and dehydrated. They think he got some kind of bacterial infection – probably a weakened immune system from the Torch Run in the rain along with cart-running for work several days in the rain. We’re suspecting he might have picked up something from a shopping cart, but we’ll never exactly know. They managed to shoot some antibiotics in him and sent him home last night for sleep. No doubt Mom will be pushing fluids on him. No running until at least Thursday. Poor guy.

I’m off to work. It’s supposed to be a “warm” day today – 83 degrees! That’s about as hot as I like it. Might even need to turn on the A/C one of these days! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Hope that Alex is ok 😦 Your sandwiches both look amazing!

  2. Hope Alex has a speedy recovery!

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