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Weekend Runs

It was a busy running weekend for my brother Alex. He participated in both the Torch Run and the Bellin Run.

The Torch Run is the largest grass-roots fundraising program and public awareness vehicle for Special Olympics. Local law enforcement take part in carrying the torch to the Special Olympics regional summer games. There are many events throughout the US and Alex was thrilled to be asked to carry the torch for a stretch of the event.

It was a pretty chilly and rainy day – but the flame must be carried and so the runners took off!

They took off down the roads flanked by all kinds of police and cop cars. Very, very cool. Alex gets to do the coolest things! They made quite the spectacle heading down the road!

Saturday morning Alex did the huge local 10K run: The Bellin Run. They had a record number of participants this year, almost 19,000 people! Ben and I decided to head to the halfway point on the course, figuring there would be fewer people there and it would be easier to get in and out after Alex passed. A few years ago we sat at the finish line and it’s so crazy there. People are 6 or 7 deep and I’m short which meant I wasn’t even able to see him cross. This time we figured we’d be the halfway cheerleaders and could call in to the folks at the finish to help them gauge his pace and finish time.

It worked GREAT. We drove right up the street the runners were crossing and found parking on the side of the road. A half block of walking later and we were in position. Only a few minutes later and the wheelchair racers zoomed by…


You can see based on the other side of the street that there were not many spectators in this area. Perfect, perfect!

Meanwhile, while we were watching the wheelchair athletes, mom and dad were cheering on Alex at the starting line:

I always tear up at the start of any run. It never fails. It was amazing to see the pace car, the motorcycles and bicyclists, and the lead runners coming up in the distance.


When you watch the leaders, seriously they are going so fast you can barely get a picture in. And they make it look SO easy!


Since Alex was in the first wave, we were hoping to be able to pick him out of the crowd. Luckily it’s more thinned out with the first waves. I easily spotted Alex’s trainer Jenny (in blue). She finished 2nd in her age group!


And then, about 23 minutes in, we spotted Alex!


Go Alex!!

Mom and Dad caught him running across the finish line. In the background you can still see runners lining up waiting for their wave to start. It must be a little weird to be waiting to start while watching people roll across the finish.

Alex was shooting for a PR and just missed his 10K PR by 6 seconds! However, this was the fastest time he’s completed this race so he was very, very happy.

There were more than 16,000 finishers and here’s Alex’s final placements:

overall place: 440 out of 16295
division place: 51 out of 454
gender place: 382 out of 6658
time: 43:31

440 overall. Can barely contain the sisterly pride! 🙂

Every time I watch a race it makes me itch to be able to run too. One of my good friends is doing a low carb diet plan and asked if I’d like to join him (misery loves company) so we’re planning to start on Friday. I need a kick in the butt for some pre-wedding weight loss and there’s no time like the present!

Have a super day everyone. Make it a great one.


3 Responses

  1. Ahhhh and Alex amazes me once again! That is AWESOME that he is able to carry the torch. Makes me super proud 🙂

  2. I miss running sometimes, especially when I watch races! Makes me want to keep trying again (with subsequent head banging to follow).

    Hooray to Alex. And that guy to the right of him in that one picture. I don’t know as I have ever seen a runner with such big muscles.

    Low carb – it’s hard. The lowest I have ever been able to go is 75 in a day and that is really low for me. Not even close to officially low carb 😀 I like my fruit too much.

    Eat lots of broccoli!

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