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Picking Wedding Colors

Among all the hub-bub involved with planning a wedding, the flurry of tasks, decisions, and choices seem both impossible and infinite. There also seems to be a lot of thought surrounding the order you make those decisions in. For example, some say the very first thing you need to do is get your dress. Once you pick a gown you work the rest of the details around that style. For example, if you bought a super fancy ball gown, you probably would not get married in your back yard.

Others think the venue should be booked first because those fill up the quickest and you need to jump. After all, isn’t it all about location, location, location? We have our venue booked already – just waiting for the contract to arrive in the mail so we can sign our lives away.

I know I probably should start looking at dresses but to be honest, I’m absoluely dreading it. I’m not fit, thin, or anywhere near where I’d like to be come May 2014, so I’m trying to hold off as long as possible and turn my attention to other things. Since I have the venue, I already know what the banquet room looks like and have a general sense of style for what that location could do. So my dress will need to fit that venue. At least that’s my thought pattern. So instead, I’m turning to what I thought would be a fun and easy decision that actually is turning out to be horribly difficult: picking wedding colors.

I had thought about a themed wedding but nothing really popped out in my mind and I decided to just go with something generic. Ben said he was OK with any colors I picked – as long as “pink” wasn’t one of them. 🙂 So I’ve been looking through google images and saving anything that looks interesting to help me make my decision.

My initial color ideas where a light green and a peach. Green is my favorite color and peach is my favorite fruit – so I thought the colors made sense and seemed appropriate for a late Spring / almost Summer wedding.

wedding color pom poms

Then as I perused more images, the blue and orange colors really caught my attention:

blue tangerine cream

But then I was drawn even more to the contrast of a royal blue against white and then a tangerine color for the accent. I would imagine all my bridesmaids looking gorgeous in the blue and that it would be a great color to decorate with


Things got even more confusing when I ran across an article about Target’s new line of bridesmaid dresses showing girls wearing beautiful cherry red dresses. Wow. Like the bright and bold blue, red really is a magnificently bold color too:


But then I’ve been informed that red isn’t an appropriate Spring wedding color. Not that I am unduly influenced by that, but it’s a valid point.

I’ve also rolled around with the idea of a tonal/ neutral color palette – playing on the ivorys, champagnes, and whites for a very elegant look:

champagne banquet room

But I’m not sure if that looks too washed out, almost like you need a darker color to provide some contrast – like the chocolate in this photo:

chocolate and champagne

In short – I’m clueless. Like the wedding venue, I wanted to just find the perfect fit that spoke to me. I’m afraid that the minute I make any decision, I’ll later regret it. It would be so much easier to know something for certain – like a color I need to have or the place I needed to have the ceremony. Oh well 🙂

I do have a short list of colors I absolutely know I do NOT want:

  • Baby pink / lemon yellow combination (hello baby shower!)
  • Black (if you used black, please tell me why – I always think of this as the funeral color and also having no contrast with the groomsmen in their suits)
  • Lavender (just not me)
  • Brown (too close to black and not a spring color either)

So I’m scratching my head and wondering what to do. I ordered a couple color swatches so I can fumble around and see what works. I’m also thinking of looking at bridesmaid dresses to see if that helps me narrow it down. For those of you who planned weddings, how did you go about picking your wedding colors? Was it easy or did you struggle like me?


10 Responses

  1. I love the blue and orange theme! That is so summery.
    I’m in a wedding in 2 weeks, and her colors are a pool blue and grey. Our dresses are this lighter blue color (not baby blue, darker than that). They are lovely. (this is the dress, it’s close to the Malibu color, but not as dark.. her color was discontinued: http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Short-Cotton-Dress-with-Y-Neck-and-Skirt-Pleating-83690_Bridal-Party-Bridesmaids-Short-Bridesmaid-Dresses)

    Anyway, my colors were olive green and plum… I got married in September, so I figured it would be nice for a fall wedding. Little did I know, it was close to 90 degrees on my wedding day!! If I would have know that, I would have went with shorter dresses for the girls!!

    Oh… and my advice for you – is to find the color you love first, before you find the dress you love! Not all colors are the same for each designer/dress. So, if you find a dress you love, it may not be in the exact color you love. I had a different dress picked out, but when I saw the color samples, they didn’t have the colors I absolutely loved. So, I got a swatch from a different designer and fell in love the the colors and ended up finding a dress I really liked too.

    All that said, it’s your wedding. Do what you want!! Even if it isn’t the ‘norm’.
    But I do love the blue/orange theme!!

    • That bridesmaid dress is beautiful – I love the neckline. I love so many color combinations that I’m having trouble just picking one. I told Ben we need to get married 3 or 4 times so I can do them all. Ha – we’d go broke!

  2. Go with your favorite colors. You will not regret that. I think weddings should look timeless and not what is in style at the moment (hello chevrons)

    We had dark green and burgundy colors. I ended up with an ivory dress. It was more formal than I wanted, but John wanted to wear his tails, so I had to get a more formal dress – and found one that was in my size on sale (total luck).

    On the morning of our wedding, I went to the farmer’s market and had my bouquet made and got sunflowers for the bridesmaids. Since our wedding was outdoors, we needed very little decoration.

    One thing I was careful with was picking out the bridesmaid dresses. I wanted a dress that they could wear after the fact and they were actually really pretty!

    Black and white weddings are considered very formal and some people want that.

    • Oh I bet the dark green and burgundy was a gorgeous combination – especially with your ivory dress! The farmers market is such a smart idea too. We don’t have anything that early in the year – and the timing is just after tulips and daffodil season but is worth a look if next year’s market starts earlier in the year.

      I do remember some of your wedding pics from your blog but it’s been a while. I should go back and peek again 🙂

  3. Red isn’t appropriate for spring?!?! Tell that to the poppies and red tulips! And the red-breasted robin! LOL!

    All of those color combinations look awesome to me. I would have a hard time deciding as well. I would never though about pairing a shade of blue and orange or tangerine, but that is a beautiful and striking combination.

    • OOPS…that was: I would never have thought about blue and orange together…but yes, it is definitely beautiful!

    • I agree – I never would have thought of blue and orange but it does look pretty together. I think the orange gives a pretty burst of color! Just way too many choices for a girl who has trouble making up her mind.

  4. The blue/tangerine combo is GORGEOUS!! I am doing bright purple and lime green…what can I say, I like bright 🙂

    • Green is my favorite color – which is why I keep turning back to it! Your colors are really going to pop – absolutely can’t wait to see them.

      Seriously, you should email me a pic of your wedding dress. I’d die!

  5. I’m torn! I like both combos! But I think the blue and orange is fun and festive!

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