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Beating the Bunnies

Good morning and happy sunny Monday to everyone! I hope your weekend was fabulous.

We spent it working on these guys:


(He’s next to the large shrub the rabbits ripped apart…)

Since we saw rabbits jumping through the rabbit fence, we went back to the store for some more rubber-coated chicken wire. Much easier to handle and slipped it over the rabbit fence – so now I *think* we can safely say we’re safe from the critters entering the garden.

I also cut down the dead shrub. A lot of new growth is popping out from the bottom so I trimmed everything back and then put two passes of wire fence around it. I know the wire isn’t tall enough to prevent jumping in and out, but my hope was to prevent the casual grazers.


I also clipped on the rabbit repellent sticks. They smell absolutely terrible – nasty garlic smell – but I couldn’t smell them an hour later. Supposedly they are time release so I’ll have to keep an eye out and see if this does the trick.

The blood meal is ineffective at doing anything other than making all your plants look like they are covered in dirt. I liberally sprinkled the meal over some mystery plants hoping they’d get a respite from chewing and could bloom (I want to be able to identify them!) but even covered in the sooty-looking blood meal ash, they chewed away…


You can see the repellent stick clipped onto a stake. Fingers crossed that will work!

I also planted some marigolds in the garden bed. I know rabbits aren’t fond of them and I’m hoping that might also do the trick.


One thing I’ve noticed is that the rabbits don’t seem to be interested in the bleeding hearts. They are completely taking over the garden bed and I’m thinking of transplanting them to around by the side of the house. That would open up a large part of that bed so I could plant some more things. I’m nervous even digging into the empty spots because I don’t know if a late season plant will be popping up.

That little flower bed is the only bit of dirt we have on the property. All the shrubs, trees, and misc plants around the house and shed are covered in landscape fabric and topped with rocks. My mission this year is to clear all the rocks from around a tree or two and lay down s bit of soil and a light dusting of mulch. There will be more oxygen for the tree roots and less chance of girdling, but then I can also have some areas to plant hostas or other flowers (I’m thinking tons of daffodils!).

Originally I thought I would have space to plant around the shed, but now that I’m seeing all the action – there’s not much to do!


There are pretty irises spread all around but they are not very tall and only a few have bloomed. Most have shriveled and dried up before blossoming. I’m wondering if, again, the rock isn’t giving the roots enough nutrients. Maybe those areas would be good to dig up, lay some extra dirt down, and then sprinkle the rocks on top. Originally I wanted to remove the rocks everywhere, but there are tons and I don’t think it’s realistic to think I’ll be able to tackle it (don’t even know where to dump them).

We also bought our flowers for the front of the house. I really loved the contrast of the purple and white, but they only had one left. I’m on the lookout for another one for the 3rd flower hook, but in the meantime, these two beauties look wonderful.


Nothing like flowers swinging in the late afternoon sun to do wonderful things for my soul.


Yesterday afternoon was much warmer than in the morning and I grabbed a mug of decaf and my cross stitch and sat on the porch chair. I could smell my petunias and our flag was flapping lightly. It was just amazing. Sometimes I spend too much time thinking about the rabbits and the animals that destroyed our lawn and flowers but really, I’m so thankful for our yard and house. It’s just what we need right now and every tiny little project makes it feel even more like ours.


3 Responses

  1. Love those bleeding hearts! The foliage will actually die down on those after a bit, so I would leave them in place and the other plants will come up around them. They obviously love that spot they are in with how beautiful they are.

    • Wow, so you’d leave them there? I guess I thought they overwhelmed the flower bed and were crowding out some of the other plants in there… Maybe the other things should go to make more room instead?

  2. Pretty garden! And very cute bunny, but they are destructive. Have a great day Ali.

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