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Rabbits and Trees

What a sight!

Last night we had a tornado watch for the area but oddly enough not a whole lot of rain. I’ve been holding off on planting the seeds in my garden until this weekend because I’m worried all this constant rain will wipe away all my seeds. Turns out that was a good call. I was in the kitchen drinking my morning protein shake and saw some bouncing around going on in the garden.

Rabbits. Two furry varmits prancing around stuck in the garden. Honestly, there’s nothing planted in there yet so I have no idea why they were even poking around in there. Guess that “rabbit fence” wasn’t cutting it. I’m going to get some chicken wire and put that around the first couple feet from the bottom. Grrrr. At least they didn’t attack seedlings since none were planted – close call!

Since it’s Friday and everyone loves Friday – I thought I would share all the pretty colors going on in the yard. The lilacs are from Mom & Dad’s though, but I’m including cause they are soooo beautiful. Nothing beats Spring flowers!







Have a wonderful weekend – do something productive and be good to yourself!



4 Responses

  1. Pretty, pretty pics!

  2. Flowers are just so happy! Love them! But I do not like those pesky little rabbits when they eat your things! They are kind of cute though 🙂

  3. Yeah, rabbit fences are like squirrel proof birdfeeders. They never work in practice.

  4. One thing I love about spring is the amazing flowers/color on the trees.

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