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The Last Venues

Whew, we’re finally finished looking at wedding venues. There are a lot of possibilities we decided to focus on just a handful of places so we wouldn’t get overwhelmed with options.

We looked at the local botanical gardens. They have a really pretty room where the bar could be set up


And a pretty reception room as well (only half the room is opened here):


Plus, the ceremony could be outside in one of their very picturesque locations – lots of flowers and greenery.

But… if it’s raining, you’re totally screwed. Plus, it’s kinda ridiculously pricey for renting a location that wouldn’t be anything special at all if it were raining.

Then we looked at the local historical park. They had both a cute indoor ceremony place and outdoor option

old fashioned chapel:


So cute – I can imagine some awesome pictures here

(Ben and Mom scoping out the inside of the chapel)


And a large gazebo if the weather was nice…


They too had nice reception rooms and, in this case, a lower level room for the DJ and bar to be set up

020 022

And now we’re stuck trying to figure out what will work the best for us. Our first choice really was to have a one-stop wedding location so guests wouldn’t have to travel to a different location after the ceremony. However, although these last two venues are probably the prettiest – they are also the most complicated and expensive. We’d have to find caterers (most only want to do buffets with disposable everything. Can’t imagine serving guests on plastic plates and silverware) and then also find someone who would serve beer.

So then we thought about using the historical park for the ceremony and then driving across town for the reception. It’s a quick drive and wouldn’t be too much hassle… but that idea never really caught. So we think we’re going to go with the very first place we looked at. It’s a 40 minute drive from home but can do the ceremony and reception right there, allows us to arrive early to set things up, and they have a hotel right there for people who don’t want to drive back after.

I need to sign all the docs and get the deposit in. Then things are going to get real folks! I almost feel like a deer in headlights. Me? Planning a wedding? Totally clueless!!


3 Responses

  1. Ahh so exciting! That’s a HUGE thing to cross off the list…now you’re ready to GO!

  2. Such an exciting choice! No matter where the wedding is, you’ll be a beautiful bride! Have a great day Ali!

  3. Having the venue set really makes the rest of the planning easy. The fun part is trying all the samples of food and cake! 😀

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