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There is nothing quite as satisfying as tackling a large project. We’ve been working on and off to get a garden going for the past several weeks. Since we don’t exactly know what we’re doing, it’s been a bit of trial and error.

We started with some raised bed kits – and attached them together with some extra boards so it would be easier to fence in. Plus, we wanted it accessible for me to weed, plant, and tend. I took several large garbage bags and put them down over the areas we were going to plant. The idea was that the grass would die. Unfortunately, all I did was promote a mini greenhouse effect. The grass filled out like crazy!


At that point we had to just remove the first few inches of sod. The ground is hard clay, so likely just turning over the bit of soil on top wouldn’t have been the best environment. This was tedious work and we spread it out over several days.

Beds free of grass:


The next step was to dig a trench around the beds so that we could lay some fencing a few inches under ground. The rabbit fence we bought had much smaller holes at the bottom to prevent squirming through and then larger ones on top where it doesn’t matter. 

The fence was too high to climb or reach over, so we needed to fashion a makeshift door. Ben made a square frame and filled it in with chicken wire and then attached hinges and a hook.



We were undecided if the rabbits would tunnel under the fence, so we bought some plain pavers to set into the ground. My hope is that they will make it harder for the rabbits to burrow through and hopefully discourage them.


We didn’t bother sizing the bricks first (why!?) so we had to make a second trip to the store to get more.


After the base was finished, it was time to mix in some good soil. I bought a combination of organic gardening soil, organic compost, and organic peat moss


Dump it in and spread it around!

We knew something had to be done with the middle section – otherwise the sparce grass would eventually need mowing. We thought about some of our abundant supply of landscape rocks but ultimately decided on cedar mulch to go with the cedar everywhere else.

Ben stapled some landscaping fabric to help discourage weeds from popping up


And I got to work spreading out the mulch


Cedar mulch smells so good! Hard to tell from the picture, but I made a tiny bed in the very back middle section where I plan to either put some flowers or some herbs. Haven’t decided what yet.

It’s been raining pretty heavily so I’m hoping it will break up tonight so I can start planting. I’m so excited!!


2 Responses

  1. I am so jealous! I cannot wait until I have a place for a garden! Looks like it’s coming along quite nicely!

  2. Sweet!!! I am jealous of your space! Can’t wait to see what you grow 😀

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