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Just a Little Breather

Hey everyone, I’m back! Since my week off from work was a staycation, I had expected to be blogging daily and doing the usual thing, but then one thing led to another and, in short, there was a small blogging hiatus. But, now the week of vegging about is over, the work week has officially begun, and it’s time to get back to the regularly scheduled programming!

I love Monday holiday weeks. Not only do you get an extra-long weekend, but then the following work week is shorter. Makes me wish we had 4 day work weeks every week!! 🙂

Hailey was outfitted as appropriate for the festivities:

Sunday night we drove down to watch the fireworks with the family. Then yesterday we met up again for the parade. I’m a sucker for parades, just love them! The weather last year was super muggy and hot – and this year was the complete opposite. We all had jackets on and the wind made things colder yet. I remember one year I dressed up as a mascot for the parade and it was over 80 out. I was so wiped after walking in that suit! This year would have been perfect for it.

The Salvation Army kettle was kind enough to pose for me.


And I remember this guy from the parade last year!


Everyone wanted a picture with the Star Wars crew.


There were lots of people who drove their cars but did something to make them more interesting. They had one of those teeny tiny cars and they put a wind-up gear on the back, and then someone fashioned eyes and lips for another car:


One thing different this year, there was a HUGE grouping of tractors. There must have been 2 dozen of them – they kepy coming and coming.


And of course, the honoring of those who have fought for our freedom. ❤


I always tear up a bit when all the soldiers walk past.

The parade was done around 11am so we went home and did a few loads of laundry. I managed to hang the sheets on the line, take them down for a sprinkling, and get them back up and dry before the next rain fell. It was one of those days! 🙂

We showed up back at my family’s for dinner. Mom made ham and cheesy potatoes for Ben. We also had broccoli and pea sprouts, asparagus, and I brought a big pan of shortcake!



We need to finalize our wedding venue this week – I have it narrowed down to two places but am nervous to make a final decision (pros and cons to both places). I also have some fun lawn/garden updates to share this week!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


3 Responses

  1. Parades are fun. It looks like you had a great time.
    We didn’t make it to any parades. We did garden chores. Booo!

  2. I could really go for cheesy potatoes and shortcake right now. So perfect! Looks like a nice parade 🙂

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