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Little Bit of Relaxing Going On

Good morning everyone!

I’m officially beginning my week of vacation. Nothing fancy, just hanging around the house and tackling some random projects. Ben is taking Thurs/Fri off so we’re hoping the weather is nicer towards the end of the week so we can take a day trip somewhere.

In the meantime, I’m getting ready to head to Monday morning Body Pump. Nothing like a fitness class to get the morning off to a good start, right? We have appointments to look at 4 wedding venues this week and hopefully by this time next week, we’ll know if we like anything local or if we’re back to talking about going somewhere alone.

The weekend was super. I made a last-minute trip to Wausau to visit my friend Jeff. We meet a couple times a year since he lives more than 4 hours away, so we cut the distance and meet in the middle. Usually we do lunch and then explore somewhere. This time we did some online hunting and found a new restaurant to try: The Sixth Street Filling Station



The online reviews said it was a dive with amazing food, so we couldn’t pass it up. Although it really didn’t look like a “dive” to me. Or maybe the reviewers are more into fine dining?



The only thing that was odd was that if you’re a newbie, you don’t really know what you’re supposed to do. You walk to the counter to place your order and then they bring it to your table. They had about 10 sheets of paper tacked to a wall with 10 different things you could order on them. I went with the banana walnut french toast.



For all the carbs I was ingesting, it was a bit of a disappointment. The bread was not sufficiently dipped so there was just plain bread in the middle instead of the batter throughout. Oh well, not a big deal.

Afterwards we drove around and found a boat landing and walking trail and tacked on 3 miles of walking. We tried to take a self-photo but it didn’t quite work out.



Ben ordered new grates for the grill so the order of business this weekend was grilling and more grilling. He cooked up some chicken and wild rice bratwurst with our usual staple of broccoli



Yesterday was pretty warm and muggy and it was the annual cellcom green bay marathon. Last year, if you remember, they shut the race down after a few hours due to the extreme temps. Ben and I had to do some interesting driving to get to our usual Sunday breakfast place – hitting all the back roads to avoid the race course – but we still failed:



But just as we walked into the restaurant for breakfast, we saw an ambulance race past:



Hope everyone is ok. ❤

I didn’t win the powerball jackpot – which is too bad because I could have found a lot of fun ways to spend all that cash! 🙂 Hey, a girl can dream right?

Well, time for me to scoot off to the gym. Have a wonderful day everyone!!


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like you’ll have a fun week of wedding planning 🙂 Hope Body Pump is fun! And I hope that everyone at the race is ok :/

  2. Staycation! I will have a mini one of those later this year, I think. Shame that french toast wasn’t worthy, because it sure looks good!

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