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Blooming and not blooming

Good morning! It’s the best day of the work week. Rah-rah!

I’m staring out of the window and it’s a bit drizzly and overcast today. The temps are dropping quite a bit from yesterday and it looks like it will be on and off rain all day. Time for inside activity planning!

Last night I had Ben trim up a few areas in the yard before all the rain hit:


Our neighbors planted a bunch of trees (years ago) about 10 feet from the lot line. However they don’t see that since all the trees divide our lots and it really *looks* like our yard with a huge section of unkept tall grass – so I told Ben we’ll be maintaining it. That might deter the rabbits a bit (well, ok, probably not – at least it looks better not to have 10 feet of tall grass on what looks like our property).

I can tell Ben is really enjoying the riding mower. Men like their toys. πŸ˜‰


I had predicted the crabapple trees would be in full bloom by now, but they are still teetering on the edge. Any day (hour?) now!!!


I’ve been doing some walking around the hard to look at the state of my shrubs. Some are in pretty bad shape.

Remember this gorgeous bush from last year when we moved in?


Now it’s looking like this:


I honestly have no clue how they kept the rabbits away last year. I can’t imagine they all set up shop since the Fall? You can see some better angles of the gnawing on the bark:



So I think the plan for this guy is to trim him down to 6″ and then put a wire fence around him… and then wait and see if he’s able to grow back. I’m hoping the roots are still good and with the plant having less to support, it will begin to grow again.

As for some of the other shrubs…


I may just rip these up entirely. Now I’m beginning to wonder if I should even pursue some landscape renovation until I can get the pest problem under control.

One of the rabbit-chewed shrubs is still managing to green up. We had our first flowers bloom!


It smells beautiful too. So happy this one survived!

The rabbits don’t seem to care for any of the irises around the house either. I’ve found several clusters around the shed that have remained untouched. Maybe the answer is to just buy plants that rabbits don’t like – even if they aren’t necessarily my favorites??


With constant spraying and maintenance, my tulips are still alive! I love the contrast of color with the bright white bleeding hearts and the red tulips against all the greenery. The yellow tulips… they might need to go away. πŸ™‚


On the tail end of life…


I’m looking forward to breezing through work today and then I’m off for a week of vacation! Nothing fancy – just hanging around the house – but I have tons of appointments scheduled, house jobs I want to tackle, and a day trip planned. Should be a great week. I’m just hoping for a few days of sunshine to make it perfect!


4 Responses

  1. I’m so sad to see the tulips go…

  2. YAY Friday! Your grass is beautiful! So green haha. And I love all of your flowers…but those poor shrubs 😦

  3. Isn’t it amazing the way guys like their lawn mowers? Anything that is cold, made of metal and has a motor πŸ˜‰
    Sorry about that bush. Can’t believe the rabbits did that! So cute but so destructive. We have that problem with deer. We have to make sure what we plant by way of hedges, trees, flowers are not appealing to the appetites of wild life.

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