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Rolling in the Sunshine

Have you ever watched a dog on a lazy summer day? He rolls around on the grass flopping around until he plops in a decent spot, tongue hanging out, and basks in the warm rays blasting over him. While that wasn’t exactly what I had going on last night, it was pretty darn close. I get home from work at 4pm and with the longer days that’s just enough time to soak up some of the more decent sunlight of the day (without the worry of the evil 10-2 sunbeams). So I quick changed into shorts and a tank and plopped outside on the porch to drink up some vitamin D.

2 minutes later I dashed inside to get my sunglasses

2 minutes after that I went back inside for a book

3 minutes later I gave up on the book and slapped it over my face to block more sun that seemed to be undeterred by my sunglasses attempt

15 minutes later I almost fell asleep – when I heard a rabbit nibbling nearby

And that was how it went down – like I said, almost like the nonchalant summer dog, right? 🙂 I still love it though.

Next week, despite lots of rain scheduled, I am planning my massive to-do list. I already have appointments scheduled to look at two more possible wedding venues, I’m getting a much needed massage, planting the garden, and tackling this unfortunate scene:




It looks bad enough as-is but there’s two other walls that look just like this! We’ve got tons of empty boxes that we never broke down after the move, lots of things we’ve never gone through, PLUS I still have a whole closet filled with boxes at Mom and Dad’s place that I want to start bringing over and going through. This might be more than a week-long effort!

I’m forever greatful for our amazing shelves though. I can’t imagine how I’d even begin to tackle all of this if we didn’t have these built. Might even need to make a few more!

Last night we took advantage of a free coupon I had and ate a quick meal. I went with a cajun burger. The “cajun” element was in the honey mustard sauce and since I’m not really a mustard fan, I left it off and didn’t see much of a difference from a regular burger. No matter, it was still delicious!


After dinner I strapped on the Garmin and MP3 player and completed my first “training run” of the year. Starting off this week with 1 min jogging and 4 min walking, repeated 4 times. My knees felt a little sore during the jogging so I’ll need to keep an eye on that. Did pretty well, looking forward to some nice long walks next week!

Friday: it’s just around the corner. Enjoy the day!


3 Responses

  1. Oh my stars that cajun burger looks DIVINE!!! I have been wanting a burger for such a long time now!

  2. Jealous of your time out in the sunshine! I am not a huge burger fan, but that sounds yummy 🙂

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