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2nd Venue Viewing

After nixing the idea of a wedding at Lambeau Field, we are back to the drawing board. I’m still leaving the option of a “run away to Mexico and come back married” wedding but we are still doing a cursory look to see if we fall in love with any place.

Last night we drove 40 minutes away to check out a golf resort. We’ve pretty much narrowed down the search to places that can accommodate the ceremony and reception at the same place. We don’t want to make our guests roam all around.

The first banquet room was massive – plenty of room for just about anything you could think of. It was also really, really plain (kinda ugly too with the divider up)


The smaller room we liked a lot more. Pretty chandeliers and a row of pretty windows:


(you can see the small dance floor in front)

This would probably be the perfect size. We have no idea about actual numbers but I’m expecting somewhere around 100 guests. The main drawbacks are the drive (is a 40 min drive on a Friday night too much to ask people?) and the fact that aside from this nice banquet room, the place looks a little beat up.

They had a cute room set up for a chapel but with no windows it feels really, really small.


However, they wouldn’t nick-and-dime us for little things. They have an assortment of colored napkins we can pick from and provide a large candle, holder, and mirror for each table. Those things alone can be pricey if you buy them. Plus they have an attached hotel so friends and family can easily get a room if they want.

They’re holding the room for 2 weeks so it’s time to buckle down, view the rest of the places, and then decide what direction we want to go!

Meanwhile, I was politely informed by Ben that he is way overdue for bringing in treats. Each “event” requires treats be brought in to work, so after he proposed, he was on the hook. I had one lone package of brownie mix left and decided to experiment a little bit with it.

I made the 13×9 mix as directed and then made a half batch of chocolate chip cookies. I spooned the cookie dough over the top and baked the whole thing at 325 for 45 minutes.


The end result:


Ok, I think this goes without saying… but.

This was amazing. Seriously, I think it may be the best brownie ever. It wasn’t overly sweet and the brownie/cookie combo worked amazingly well.


After we each sampled two pieces, I cut the rest up and they are on their way to work with Ben. I’m betting they don’t last 15 minutes. Yum

It’s supposed to hit 77 today – heat wave! Definitely going to get in a run/walk tonight.

Have a great day everyone!!


4 Responses

  1. Where every you chose for the wedding will be perfect. It’s your day. I don’t think people mind a 40 minute drive for such a celebration. Good luck with the search.
    If you keep making yummy, goey, oohy things like that, Ben won’t fit into his tux 😉

  2. Eeek those look amazing! Having a hotel attached is very important to us since Travis’ family is over 3 hours away. Also, having the same people as a contact is really nice!

    Reading your other comment — if you find a good Bridal Bootcamp…let me know , please 🙂

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