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Waiting on the trees


The buds on the crabapples are getting so close to blooming. Honestly, I can barely stand the wait! It was weird waking up to frost yesterday morning and yet today we’re looking at a high of 74. Have I mentioned how temps in the low-mid 70s are my absolute favorite? I’m giddy with excitement!

After work tonight Ben and I are driving to look at another possible wedding venue. It will be a great day for walking around and getting a feel for the lay of the land, so to speak. Then my plan is to come home, whip together some dinner, and head out for a nice long walk.

Last night Ben took me out to a supper club for dinner. The weather was overcast and windy and too chilly to do much outside, so it was the perfect night. We got window seats and were able to watch the Foxy Lady cruise by. We need to go on another cruise – it’s been a while and the last one was so much fun!


I had a salad to start the meal off. Isn’t it funny how I love side salads at restaurant and will eat every bite, but I hate making salads at home? Does anyone else experience the same thing?


My entree was the most amazingly tender filet. Cooked perfectly and I savored every bite!


Instead of the usual potato side, I was proud of myself for picking a healthier option: Green Bay Packer beans


(green and yellow, get it? 😉 )

But my brief willpower left when Ben ordered a slice of their pecan caramel pie…


Delicious! We’re lucky we can split desserts like this. It makes me feel less guilty with the indulgence. 🙂

I’m back in the beginning stages of 5K training. My first week I was looking to just walk 3 times. Now that I’ve finished that, this week will be: job 1 minute, walk 4 minutes (repeat 4 times). With a 5 min warmup and cooldown, it’s a 30 minute workout for the week. The weather looks wonderful for it too! If I don’t get sidelined by kidney stones this time, I’m hoping to improve upon last year. 🙂

Anyone have a summer goal they’d like to share? I want to know what you guys are doing!



2 Responses

  1. My summer goal is to attain a job, lose 10 pounds, and get like 90 percent of my wedding planned. here’s to the future!

    That pie looks ridiculously good!

  2. I saw your tulip post – they look lovely! I wonder what is happening in my garden while we are gone. I told my mother to take some pictures for me 😀

    I am thinking I might go for 100 mile ride day. I said I wasn’t going to do any more, but now I am thinking I might.

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