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What’s Blooming

Hurray! I’ve been looking forward to doing a post like this for a long, long time. Now that I officially have blooming flowers, I can! We have some fun tulip action going on.


I’ll admit the red tulips are my favorite.


I also have bleeding heart. It’s interesting too because of all the varieties I have seen, I’ve never seen white ones.


There still are some empty spots in the front of the bed, I have a hankering for some peach colored tulips… will have to start browsing through catalogs and see what looks good.


The unidentified plant below is looking more and more familiar as time goes by. I know I’ve seen those leaves before!


Each morning I inspect for more signs of rabbit damage. I’m delighted that they’ve left my flowers alone after the initial carnage


I walked into the kitchen last night and there was a rabbit sitting on my porch staring at me. I dashed outside in my pajamas and chased him out of the yard. Grr 🙂

On Mother’s Day we picked up some flower bouquets and stopped over to wish each of our mothers a wonderful day. I really loved the colors in these bouquets. Love the peachy/orange/yellow/white combos!


Seriously, I want to grow those peach roses in my yard. I wonder if they have a hearty long-stemmed WI variety anywhere? 🙂


The weather wasn’t great the entire weekend – mostly rainy, windy, and cold. I bundled up and headed out to walk a few times only to have to turn around a few minutes later. Numb and runny nose mid-May? Not as great as it could be. We even had frost this morning!

Even though it was cold and windy last night, we were able to fire up the grill for some burgers. Funny how we haven’t had these in ages. I’m noticing we don’t eat red meat nearly as much as we used to. Ben is the burger master and flavors his beef up with some organic Worcestershire sauce and some steak grill seasonings.


Meat makes Ben happy 🙂


We served our juicy and flavorful burgers with some wheat sandwich thins alongside some broccoli and potatoes. Loving the summer food!


This coming week the weather looks really good. I’m looking forward to some walks and bike rides. I’m taking a week of vacation next week and right now they’re saying rain every single day. Nooo!


3 Responses

  1. Those tulips look AWESOME! And that dinner does, too…now I’m hungry…

  2. Flowers truly make a home seem more inviting! I wish I could grow my own fruits and veggies but the climate in San Francisco leaves much to be desired.

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