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Wogging right along

It’s Wednesday and if you live in Ali’s Wonderland then you know the high today is 79! It’s the last warm day of the week so I bet the whole city will be buzzing about tonight taking advantage.

It was gorgeous last night – low 70s and almost no wind – so I took off for another loop around the neighborhood. It’s a lot easier when the weather is nice like this. I flipped on a couch to 5k podcast to see how much of that I could do. I got through most of them, took two longer breaks in between the runs, but got the eight 1-minute runs successfully completed. Definitely feeling it in my shins though. Ooofta!

Sweaty after 40 minutes on the road:


I track all my walks and run/walks on my Garmin so I can see how my pace is doing over time. I haven’t been able to find the heart rate monitor since the move so that will need to be on the weekend to-do list. Meanwhile, check out last night’s exercise effort:

speed zones

I love the charts and graphs and just discovered the “Speed Zone” selection. You can see when I try and do run/walk combinations that my speed is all over the place. The beginning is fairly consistent because I’m not doing any jogging yet but then I have the large swings. I admit I was a little proud that I hit the “Jog” speed zone a few times. As you can see, I’m pretty slow right now. Most of my “jogging” intervals are actually, according to Garmin, “Fast Walks”. Oh well. 🙂

I get a lot of shin pain and also pain right on the front bottom of my leg – on the area where leg meets foot. Very unusual. I’ve been looking into getting some compression socks. Has anyone eveyr tried them? I’m all for anything that eliminates the pain and lets me be more relaxed when walking.

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves (Pack of Two) (6055)

(Picture source: Zensah.com)

When I got back from my walk I noticed something fun – my tulips have started to bloom!! I need to take a bunch of pictures. I can’t wait to show everyone. Who wants to guess what color my tulips are?

—,—–,—-{(C  <—– TULIPS!!!!! 🙂

I’ve spotted a few plants that look pretty beat up from the rabbits and a few areas that are empty. I can’t wait to start putting in some of my own plants.

Dinner was more delicious stir-fry. Now that we’ve discovered it, we’re eating this all the time. I love all the veggies – since that’s an area where we struggle in our diets, I love any meal that incorporates tons and tons. Weird, I was hunting through my past posts for the recipe to link this to…but couldn’t find it. I’ll have to write it up and post the recipe soon if I can’t uncover it anywhere. It’s delicious!


And pretty too. 🙂


I’m stretching my legs as much as I can right now and we’ll see if I’m up for another walk tonight or if I take out the bike instead.

Quick wedding question: would you consider it really bad luck or anything to plan a wedding that lands on Friday the 13th?


2 Responses

  1. Compression works WONDERS! I love all of my compression gear. Also, my birthday is Feb. 13th, and I love when my birthday falls on a Friday, so I say go with it! 🙂

  2. I still haven’t tried compression socks but I have recently invested in some Under Armour compression tights and capris. I really like them and they do make my legs feel good and less fatigued.
    Do you ever foam roll?

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