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Would you buy a bundt cake maker?

It’s not exactly a secret that I love anything that involves sugar. However, some things make even me scratch my head.

I give you the rotating bundt cake maker!


It was on sale for the low price of $29.92 and it bakes your cakes in minutes! If I owned a cake shop, this might be useful, but for the average person – why would you want to waste the shelf space in your kitchen? Let me know, would you buy it?

Now that I’ve been walking around and spraying all the flowers and shrubs to keep the rabbits away, the plants are starting to regrow. We have leaves and buds on the trees and bushes.


It will only be a matter of days until my crab apple trees are in bloom. When that happens you can believe I’ll be photographing them like crazy. 🙂

It’s been a gorgeous stint of weather. High 60s and mid-70s are my idea of perfection!


Ben was late getting home last night because a co-worker had his car break down and Ben offered to wait with him for the tow truck and then drive the guy home. So I took advantage of the weather and the daylight and went for a long walk. I covered almost three miles. I wore the new shoes and have a teeny tiny blister on the side of my heel – a very odd place for me. The new shoes didn’t help alleviate shin splint pain though, so that’s a bit disappointing.

When I came home there were freshly grilled chicken fajita bratwurst all ready and Ben was out in the backyard mowing. A girl could get used to this. 🙂


Some of you may remember last year when I participated in a 100 mile challenge at work. The idea was to log 100 miles either biking or walking in the month of August. I was non-stop moving and logged 200 that month. It was a lot of fun comparing steps each morning and so one of the people who did the challenge with me last year asked if we could do one for fun together. Yesterday was the first day of our 4 week challenge – and I’m off and rolling! We aren’t setting a mileage goal; we’re just seeing who can log the most steps on our pedometers. The walk last night helped me. 🙂

The timing for this will be perfect – there’s nothing like starting off Spring 5K training with a purpose. I’m going to try some version of a walk/run method again but I don’t know if I’ll try a new approach or one that I’ve done in the past. These first few walks I’m just using the whole time to walk – no jogging intervals.

Ben set up an appointment to look at a possible wedding venue next week. I’m excited to see if we like the place.

Should be a great night to get in some more miles – will have to see how the blister is doing otherwise I might just take the bike out instead. Either way, looking forward to it!


4 Responses

  1. It’s like a bundt waffle maker. Bundt cakes should be deep and that looks too shallow (bundt cake snob here).

  2. I don’t think I would buy it haha. I definitely want a nice waffle maker though! Can’t wait to hear how the challenge goes:)

  3. I’d buy it for $10, but not for $29.92, I think that price is way too expensive for that.

  4. where can I buy it jumpfinder2000@yahoo.com please send email of where we can get

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