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It’s Miller Time!

Howdy folks. Happy sun-shiny Monday to you all. I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Any big Cinco de Mayo fans out there? I didn’t even realize it was yesterday until I ran into the usual humor on Facebook:


Fab isn’t it?

We had a wonderful weekend. The weather was prefect again and we spent all of Saturday on the road to Miller Park. One of the work groups organized a bus trip to the Brewers game. Since it was a spectacular coincidence that they were playing my team – the Cardinals – I signed myself and Ben up to tag along!

It’s been years since I’ve been on a bus. There were no arm dividers in between seats. When did that happen?

We met up with the bus at 10:30 to get everyone loaded up and boarded and then we were off rolling!


We made a few pit stops to pick other people up and arrived at the park a little after 1pm. Time for tailgating and taking in the scenery.


All the tailgaters… there is nothing that smells quite as good as hundreds of people grilling on a beautiful day. You can see all the buses in the far back. Tons of people!


Our seats were up pretty high but we lucked out and had no one sitting on either side of us. The people who were sitting below us moved to different seats so we had a nice perimeter with plenty of room to spread out.


15 minutes before game time. Where are all the people??? We had assumed the game would have been sold out but there were plenty of empty seats.


I’ll be honest, I was not a well-liked person. There was not a single other Cardinal fan to be seen around us, so every time the Cards scored, I’d jump up and scream and then bare the brunt of a whole section’s worth of drunken messages. Oh well! It’s fun to be the opposing team. 🙂

My new zoom did really well. I could even pick out jersey numbers on the players!


See the guy on the right with the red sweater on? That’s the same shirt I had on except mine was a t-shirt!!


Bullpen players warming up and watching:


Even though the weather was nice, they kept the roof shut. The score bounced back and forth between the teams all day, but the Cardinals squeaked out a 7-6 victory! Hurrah!


Ben still ❤ me despite the Brewer loss. Thank goodness!

We wound our way out of the stadium and back to the bus. Check out all the people streaming out:


As we waited on the bus for the rest of the people to arrive, we had some entertainment: bus dancers!


They danced all around up and down the bus. They also drew quite a large crowd of hecklers. Eventually the police started moving in that direction and they climbed down. I wonder how drunk I’d need to be before I’d think drunken bus dancing was a good idea??


We settled into the long ride home. People were surprisingly rowdy. We’d thought with all the drinks and shouting on the way down that people would be somber or sleeping on the way home. Nope.

I love the bus trip idea. We didn’t really know anyone and so kept to ourselves but I loved not having to worry about driving. The bus dropped us off at 9:30 pm and by then we were more than ready to hit the bed and tackle some ZZzz’s.

OK, let me know. Would YOU dance on a bus with friends at a ball game? Be honest here. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Great photos! Such a pretty ballpark.

  2. I love doing a bus thing like that because you don’t have to worry about driving and parking! It really costs about the same, don’t you think? When we lived in CO, we would take the bus in to Rockies games.

  3. Win or lose, I think baseball games are always fun. I could just go and eat the food and be totally ok with it! Looks like a successful bus trip in my opinion!

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