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Greening Up

Howdy folks. I’m anxiously waiting to be able to post some lovely “what’s blooming” posts for everyone. I’m excited because I have no idea what’s going to come up in my little front garden. It’s a surprise! I know there are tulips – but no idea on the color yet, and I also know I have some daylilies.

This is what the front garden looked like a couple weeks ago:


And this is what we’re looking at today:


Stuff is growing! Thank you rabbit-be-gone! šŸ™‚ There’s some empty spots in the front – I’m going to keep an eye out to see if anything slower is growing or if that is a good area to put in some stuff of my own.

Here are the tulips! Tulips are one of my favorite flowers and I’m excited to see all the blooms. It won’t be long now before some color pops out. Any guesses on the color?


Unknown plant #1:

I originally thought this was grass and almost pulled it up, except it looked much greener and thicker than grass when it first sprouted that I left it alone. Glad I did because it definitely is something!


Unknown plant #2:

These little guys are sprouting up in a cluster – making me think they naturally spread. There’s quite a few so I’m guessing I’ll get a ton of flowers when they bloom.


Unknown plant #3:

This one I’m smacking my head on because I *know* I’ve seen this flower a million times before. Not sure if I want to search the web and know right away or wait and palm-smack my head when I figure it out. šŸ™‚


Unknown plant #4:

This guy is a little odd. I almost yanked him up as well since it was sitting in the crack between the garden and the garage – so I assumed it was a weed too. But I saw the dead shoots which made me think it was around last year too… Now after another week, I can see several similar clusters around the bed, so I know this is something too.


I’m itching like crazy to get some mulch down and start the tedious process of removing all the landscaping rocks. The more I tell people about removing them, the more people tell me how labor-intensive mulch is and how I should keep the rocks.

All my fellow flower/shrub/tree enthusiasts, what are your thoughts? There’s no doubt at least some of the rock needs to be removed from around the trees but should I leave all the rocks around the shrub/flower beds surrounding the house? Does that make the house “look” better?



5 Responses

  1. Our garden is littered with Daffodils right now. I love to see them. It makes everything look warmer šŸ™‚

  2. Tulips are my favorite flowers! Can’t wait for more pictures šŸ™‚

  3. The one you are smacking your head about looks like bleeding heart? It’s kind of hard to tell with new greens what they are. I am excited to see what you have got.

    The 2nd picture after the tulip. I wonder if those might be allium? I have some this year (new to me) and they look similar to what you have.

    I actually really dislike landscape rock. It gets in the lawn and then becomes like a missile if you run over it with the mower. Mulch actually can add nutrients to the soil if you get the right kind. I just like how it looks. The natural kind anyway. I don’t like that really red mulch.

    I have so many tulips in bloom now. My what’s blooming post Friday night will be full of them!

    • I was wondering if it was bleeding heart too! I’ve never heard of allium but I’m off to search the web right now and see.

      You mentioned the rocks in the mower – very true! Even though we know we’re not moving them out of the beds, somehow they get moved around and I’ll even step on them when I’m walking around the backyard. Plus, tossing some extra mulch around every year or two doesn’t seem that painful to me.

      Can’t wait to see your tulip pics tomorrow!!

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