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Pruning the shrubbery

It was a warm one yesterday! We had temps hovering just a touch over 80 degrees. Talk about feast or famine when it comes to weather around here! Tomorrow we’re back in the 50s. When the temp swings that much you almost don’t know how to handle it. It felt so warm. Of course, I’m more of a 65-75 degree girl anyway. 80s belong in the July/August months! 🙂 Sure beats the 40s and snow though.

I got in another 2 mile walk last night. It was super windy which helped with the warmer weather. Each year I track on my Garmin how I do in terms of pace and distance. Then I use the year-on-year info to see how I am doing compared to the previous year and try to guess if I’ll have a better time on my Fall 5K. It’s amusing though – these last two days were the slowest I’ve EVER been walking. I have some theories as to why. Not too worried now though, it’s early in the season.

Does anyone else think the word shrubbery is kind of fun to say? We have a variety of odd shrubs in the front of the house. I think there’s 3 varieties. Eventually I’d like to yank out the ones that are either full of sap or prickly and replace with some forsythia or some other flowering shrubs.

In the meantime, this has been my project:


I really know next to nothing about pruning and I’m so enjoying just getting in there and trying things. I basically just am pruning all of the longer shoots down so I get back to the “ball” shape of the shrub.

Here’s one half-way done. It’s a little putzy but is so satisfying. I’ve been waiting a long time to be able to work on my own plants. It’s exciting!!


The more I look around at the plants, the more I am dying to get rid of all this landscape gravel. I know it’s here to provide “maintenance-free” landscaping and is probably pricey to get, but it’s choking some of the big trees in the backyard and I think stunting the growth of some of the shrubs and flowers.

I have some daylilies around the front of the house and every one looks like a “U” shape. When you dig into the landscape rocks, they are really deep! My assumption is they can’t grow and spread out much because of this. (take note: rabbit droppings in the bottom left side of the picture – grrr)


I need to call around to get some soil for my gardening attempt and it might be a good time to ask if they haul away landscaping rock. If not, I’ll just work tree-by-tree and dump buckets over at my parent’s house.

It’s supposed to hit 66 today – perfect outside weather. I’m itching to get home and walk around. I broke out a shiny new pair of sneakers for the year. Always a good way to start the walking/jogging/wogging season off right!


I get a lot of shin splints so I switch out my shoes a lot sooner than most people. I know the general guideline is 350-500 miles (less if you are heavier) but I switch them out closer to the 200 mile range. It does help with the shin splints to have more support. Has anyone used those Dr Scholl kiosks where you step on the mat and it tells you what kind of insert you could benefit from? I’m thinking about doing that – but they are $50 so if anyone has any experience, let me know.

Have a super sunny Wednesday!


5 Responses

  1. I would definitely go to a running store where they can watch you walk & run. That way it really is customizable! It’s always nice to talk to a human being 🙂 Small, local owned running stores I have found to be the best. They are a tad bit pricier than chains but worth it!

    • Yes – always a good idea. I went and had my gait analyzed a few years ago and bought 4 pairs of their recommended shoe. I’m on the last pair now and then it might be worth going in again to see if anything has changed.

  2. The day lilies look like that because they are older. You can dig them up, cut away the dead stuff and divide the rest into 2 or 3 clumps and replant. They should grow more vigorously after that. Plus you get extra plants – yay! Do that right now before it gets too warm – or wait until the cool fall and do it then so the plants don’t stress too much.

  3. I’ve wondered the same about the kiosks…it’ll be interesting to see what folks say. Have a great day Ali.

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