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A Lambeau Wedding?

It was a dark and stormy morning…

I love mornings like this 🙂 It’s supposed to hit almost 80 degrees today (wh-what?)  with lots of rainshowers before plummeting into the 50s the next few days. Crazy Wisconsin weather!

I’ve been looking at wedding websites trying to get a feel for what I should be doing. We’re still not decided on if we want to do something more traditional here in town or if it would work better for the two of us to scoot off to Mexico alone. Way too many decisions. I like the idea of getting married next spring, which is putting some pressure on me as well to make decisions.

Last night Ben and I went to Lambeau to check out their facilities. We looked at prices online and while the rooms aren’t exactly cheap, if we brought in our own caterer, it might actually work out just fine and be a pretty awesome venue.


It is just so cool to live in a city that has a stadium!

We got to walk all around the upper levels and see the various ceremony rooms and reception areas.




It was almost spooky walking though all the levels when there was no one there. It makes everything look drastically different – and open!


One option even allowed you to get married outside on the balcony!


Can you imagine that view for wedding pictures? Ha ha!



While it isn’t exactly a “romantic” wedding place, it would have been a lot of fun for guests. Just as we started giving one another encouraging glances, they were dashed. They don’t let you bring in a caterer and the cheapest meal is ridiculously priced and not exactly family-friendly (not everyone likes lemon and asparagus).

So now we’re planning to make a list of possible local options and then go look at them. If anything jumps out and looks good, then we’ll go with that. And I’m telling myself, or trying to, not to get stressed out about this. If someplace gets booked, we’ll just try someplace else. It will all work out.

After we got back from Lambeau I took off for a quick walk. I found out thank a loop around the house on some back streets covers exactly 2 miles. I wasn’t a speed demon or anything, I sauntered pretty slowly, but knocked off the first 2 miles of the year. Hurray – biking and walking mileage on the chart! 🙂 The weather was great and people were out and about everywhere. I think the whole town has been enjoying the past few days of decent temps. It’s been fantastic!

I sprayed more rabbit-b-gone (my term) and I’m hoping with the next several days of rain that it will somehow stick. I could see some disasterous results happen during the rain. In fact, a rather plump rabbit was poking around by the shrubs when I came home last night.

Have a terrific Tuesday and if you have any wedding planning tips, send em my way!


12 Responses

  1. I’ve been at conferences held at the field. It’s always crazy to be there and know it’s a stadium but there’s no football!

  2. Try to actually enjoy the planning process. It doesn’t have to be too stressful. Just remember the purpose of the wedding, which is to gather together with loved ones and celebrate! John and I almost just did a JOP and called it a day, but then realized our family wanted to be a part of it. Since his family was in CO (where we lived at the time) and mine was in NY – we had the wedding ceremony in CO, then honeymooned at Disney, then went to NY where my family held a big reception for all those that couldn’t get to CO. It worked out really well and was a lot of fun.

  3. I’m just starting to have a couple friends get engaged & start the wedding process. It seriously seems like a full-time job! I can see myself eloping (don’t tell my mom)…

  4. That would definitely be pretty darn unique!! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more!

  5. My husband and I eloped to Las Vegas in ’92. We had already been engaged for a year and a half and never got around to setting a date, etc. After we were married, we had a big informal reception about a month later in my little home town. It all worked out wonderfully, although in retrospect I think I would have invited immediate family to join us in Vegas for the ceremony.

    We have also DJ’d hundreds of wedding dances, and the couples that seem to have the most fun and successful wedding days are the ones who (#1) have a relaxed, easy-going attitude, and (#2) are just as concerned about making sure the guests have a good time as they are about creating a perfect, fairy-tale day.

    Here are my tips:
    1. Keep it as simple as possible. (Less to go wrong that way!)
    2. Hire highly recommended, experienced professionals.
    3. Let the pros guide/help you…they have done hundreds of events, will have great ideas, and can make things easier for you.
    4. Ask friends or family for help when you need it.
    5. Have fun and enjoy the whole process!

    Just remember that there is no such thing as perfect, and nothing ever goes 100 percent as planned. Be flexible and just have fun celebrating with your guests! Congratulations!

    • Oh Elaine, thanks for the advice. I so appreciate it!! I like your comment about having it all relaxed and easy-going. Right now I’m a bit worried about not knowing what I want and dates booking up… You’re right though, I should just enjoy the path to discovering what we’ll be doing and have fun with it all!!

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