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When’s the date??

Happy Thursday peeps! The weekend is almost here and if you live in the great state of WI, the start of a fabulous weekend is approaching! We have rain tomorrow – but high 60s and then Saturday and Sunday are still in the 60s with some sun poking through. Sounds like Spring is here, finally. Hurrah!

I’m happy to say I’m ready for taking advantage too. I dashed home after work to mail a birthday present to my bff in NY and then got home right when Ben did. We hightailed it up to the bike shop to test drive again. I asked about the gear noises when I pedaled and they pointed out the reasons. Apparently when the bike is test ridden or fiddled with on the store front, people can adjust and move things, so it needed some tweaks. They put it up in the back, ran all the gears through, and before I knew it, I was out the door with my new ride.


It had been a toss-up between a Specialized and Trek bike. Both had the nice ergonomic handlebars and more upright position, both had a step-through design, etc… I went with the Trek because of the manufacturing details at the price point. Even though the Specialized dealer gave me a WHOPPING discount, I paid the extra for more comfort and luxury. Now I have dual shocks, sturdier tires for the crumbly roads, and I had them install a front headlight as well. All set!


Sporting my new bike and my ring bling!

Will definitely be breaking in this baby over the weekend! Sooooo excited!

Ben and I have been starting to jot down some wedding ideas. It’s funny because after you tell someone you got engaged, they immediately ask when the date is. I don’t mind that; it’s expected. Honestly though, we aren’t sure at all what we want to do – let alone when. I’ve always known I’d rather do a spring or fall wedding because I don’t like the temperature extremes of winter and summer. I’m leaning a bit towards next spring – but whenever I say that I get nervous because I feel like we’re already behind in making decisions and booking things. I don’t want to rush a decision but I know the clock is ticking… tick tock

We’ve been eating a lot of bratwurst lately. Probably because we don’t grill out in the winter and also because a pack of bratwurst lasts for 2 meals. Leftovers = โค

I had leftover tacos from this weekend still somehow in the fridge, so I whipped one out to accompany my ‘wurst.


I really love tacos. I think I take after my brother Matt on that one because you can pretty much bribe him to do anything if there are tacos involved!

Since this blog also covers Packer news (however infrequently that may be), I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the NFL draft is tonight. I remember watching once years ago. It was the first round and the draft had just begun. I had envisioned it going fast in the beginning, similar to when you do fantasy football. I mean come on, the #1 draft pick HAS to know who they are taking. Why do they need the full time? It’s slow; it’s boring. I am more than happy to read a summary online the next day!

The sun is shining and it’s time for me to scurry off to work. Have a fabulous Thursday!


9 Responses

  1. Congrats on the bike – yay! It’s always nice to see someone biking since blogs seem to be all about running and yoga ๐Ÿ˜€

    I think John and I were engaged for 2 years? I can’t even remember now. We decided on a date that was the closest to our first date that fell on a Saturday.

    • I’m excited to post some biking updates. I figured I could take your monthly biking mileage goals, drop the last digit, and that would be a good number to shoot for! Ha ha ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Gosh I love tacos too. I eat fish tacos an insane amount here in Cali! Not sure if you have a R.E.I near you but they have really awesome free bike maintenance classes! They will teach you tips & tricks to keep a bike running perfectly.

  3. Chris and I were engaged for 10.5 months. I think if you wanted to get married next Spring, that would be plenty of time.

    My hubby is SOOOOO excited about the draft! He is even going to a bar with his friend tonight to watch it… Yeah… I’ve watched it with him a few years… and it is SO slow… but sometimes exciting.

  4. YAYAYAYAYAY for the bike!

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