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Wanted: Good Bike

I’ve always enjoyed Monday morning weekend recaps. As the weather gets better and better there’s so much more to do! I’m anxious for the snow to be behind us so I can get cracking on walks and bike rides. We spent a lot of time with family this weekend and had a great time!

Every time I think about moving to a warmer climate I get reminded about how much I love being near my family and being able to share in the silly little things in life – like my mom’s cute tray of herbs and flowers she’s growing. We had more snow on Sunday (can you believe it?) so planting anything outside still is a few weeks off.



Ben and I are fans of the Walking Dead show and catch up on episodes with friends on weekends. Their animals love Ben. A lot.




Ben was the animal magnet as we watched the episodes and now we’re all caught up with season 3 of the show and can wait patiently until the Fall when season 4 airs.

Saturday we actually had SUNSHINE! It was marvelous! Very, very windy but a good day to get some long-awaited errands done. We bought our rider a few months ago and were waiting for the ground to firm up a bit before bringing it home. We’re still worried it’s too soggy to drive out back and put into the shed, so we’re temporarily holding it in the garage.


Ben’s never had a rider before so I think he was pretty excited. Before my folks moved to Green Bay, we lived in a country house on 7 acres – so riding lawnmowers were a necessity!


In all honesty, I think he’s most excited that it comes with a cup holder! 🙂

We also spent the day driving around to bike shops so I could test out some new bikes!


I’m torn though! I was hoping for a clear-cut winner. Maybe you guys can help me decide.

Bike 1:

  • Gears shifted like a dream
  • A little bumpy
  • Seat was painful the moment I hopped on (easily swapped though)
  • $130 cheaper

Bike 2:

  • Front and back shocks – super smooth ride
  • Gears made a grinding noise in some combinations, not sure why?
  • Seat was amazing
  • kevlar-lining in the tires for less flats

Both bikes had the newer handle bars that should help my finger numbing issue and they had guards to protect my pant leg from the chain (old bike doesn’t have this and it drives me nuts)

I’m guessing just from the price difference that the more expensive one is made better. Anyone have experience with the gears the way I mentioned? It just seems sometimes you have to shift two levels to reduce that grind noise. Not a huge deal, I have that now, but I wondered about it.

We spent Saturday night with my family playing more karaoke and enjoying plenty of laughs.

Sunday we had more snow (boo!) but then went over to Ben’s parents for an extended family dinner.

Why all the family dinners and gatherings?



Happy Monday everyone!!


3 Responses

  1. Ahhh does this mean what I think it means?!!>?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? CONGRATS!!!

  2. Did you get engaged??

    As for the bike – tell the shop about the grinding gears, could be the derailleur is out of whack. That just happened with mine and some of them were sort of grinding until it got adjusted. Go with the bike you feel most comfortable on. Your fanny will get used to any seat after a while (and you can change them), so don’t go by that.

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