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Is it just me or is this week flying by!

It’s been crazy-busy at work which probably accounts for a lot of it. I went from having one project to having 4 and so now I’m scurrying around trying to keep all the balloons in the air.


The snow continues to melt away revealing buds and little bits of green. We’re scheduled to get up to an inch of rain starting tonight – and then possible more snow on Friday. This is definitely an odd April. Heck, we’re just two weeks away from May (how’s THAT for crazy!).

I went outside to inspect my tulips and found this:




That’s called tulip carnage folks and it isn’t pretty. I bought some rabbit repellant spray and holy moly – if the rabbits want to eat anything doused in that stuff they are welcome to it – it’s NASTY. It smells like a combo of urine, port-a-potty chemicals, and rotten garbage. Now that the front walkway of the house is doused in this lovely blend, I’m thinking I should leave a plate of cookies for the mail lady as a peace offering. Then again, if I were smelling that the last thing I’d want to do is eat anything… Maybe a bottle of Febreeze that she can spray in the air when she delivers packages?

Ben and I were out running errands last night. We bought a riding mower and needed some attachments to go along with it. Now everything’s been ordered and we should have everything we need to make our lawn look glorious this year. 😉

We stopped for a quick dinner at Perkins. We almost never go there but it was quick and a change of pace. I ordered a bowl of the potato soup and half a chicken cajun sandwhich.


Then Ben and I split a piece of peanut butter pie…


Now that we’re half-way into April I’m once again turning my mind towards exercise goals for the Summer. As always, I try and do some kind of walk/jog/run program to prep for my annual 5K in Sept. I haven’t quite figured out what to do yet but I’m hoping that coupled with my weekly weight lifting, I should be stronger which may give me an edge in beginning something. We’ll see. Anyone trying any interesting new programs? I could use ideas! 🙂

Off and running. Make it a great day!



2 Responses

  1. Oh no! The bunnies are eating your tulips? Booo! Mine are okay, although a dog took a poop in them (curb your dog people!!)

    BTW – your post yesterday was very thoughtful.

  2. Potato soup is my favorite and that pie looks terrific!

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