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Prayers for Boston


What a sad day to observe more tragedy at the site of the Boston Marathon. I was sitting in a meeting when we heard and the info was so limited at the time we assumed there was a pipe line or car issue, nothing that was deliberate.

I think about the people crossing the line, spurred on by the thought of finishing the race. Many were probably exhausted already, mentally and physically drained from the hours of running, only to have to endure more disorientation, injury, and fear. They spent months training and were prepared for proper hydration, fueling, shin splints, blisters – but not for the horror that came.

I think about the children – both at the finish line and at home watching the news. From shootings in theatres and elementary schools to senseless events like this, how do children feel safe? How do they make sense of things that make no sense to adults?

I think about whoever planted the explosives. I’m angry and resentful, wanting them to be found and made to be accountable for their actions. I am also inexplicitly sorry for them. What kind of life and experiences must a person have to do such a thing? What happens to make people the way they are? I also wonder if, in some small indirect way, if I am responsible. Not that I met any of the people but as a member of the society in which they lived. Should I have done more; should I be doing more?

Among all the headlining stories and shockingly graphic pictures, I came across the story of the Boston area developing a list to provide homes, meals, and even taxi fare for those displaced by the explosions. More than 4,000 people wrote down their emails, home phone numbers, and other personal contact info to reach out and offer a helping hand. This was exactly the story I needed to read on a morning like this. Proof that there may have been one or two people who could do something terrible but that there’s thousands offering to help make it better. In times like these, this is the story that should be the prevalent message. The residents in and around Boston stood together and showed love to strangers and, in doing so, to the rest of the world.

My prayers are with all of these people today. I pray those who were injured heal quickly. I pray those who lost a loved one find comfort. I pray those who offered shelter know they also offered hope. I pray those that set the explosions find they help they desperately need. May God’s presense be felt by all those who need it.

Today my challenge is to find ways to do things for others. I’d like to be there for everyone today. Opening a door for someone with their hands full, offering encouragement to a friend in need – all these little things add up and show that there are people who care and who want to live in this world to better it.

Life is short my friends. It’s also the most precious gift.

Do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of. – Benjamin Franklin

Go out and have an AMAZING Tuesday everyone. Make it amazing.


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  1. Well put…have a good day.

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