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Oh no… no, no, no

Oh brother. I have a fairly developed sense of humor but there comes a point in time where things are too ironic (pathetic?) to be amusing.

We’ve got serious rain here.

And ice.

And sleet.

And snow.

I was looking at weather.com and checking out the conditions. It basically looks miserable for the next three days. Wintry mix today, wintry mix/wind tomorrow, and snow on Friday.

Sounds great for January doesn’t it? Oh wait, it’s mid-April. Fail!

Speaking of failures… it is currently raining down icky sleety stuff, we’re under a flood watch until after dinner, but we can expect dry conditions…



It is days like these that I seriously think about packing up and moving to a more Southern climate. But I know that come the first string of 90 degree days, I’d be itching to come back North. –sigh–

Driving this morning was painful but I am here early and thought I’d blog before logging in. I didn’t see a single plow and the roads were by far the worst I’ve seen – even in the middle of Winter! There were deep, deep tracks of snow and tons of water and ice underneath – so much that I wondered if I’d have enough traction to get through intersections! Just not fun. I worry about Ben – he has a longer commute – but at least he’s not terrified of driving in rotten conditions the way a certain woman is…

I have class tonight and I’m hoping enough melts that it’s not trecherous by then. The good thing is that at least it’s lighter out in the mornings – it really helps when you can see better!

I’m half-way through my marketing final exam. Just a day of econ group presentations tonight (just watching) and then giving my evil group presentation in marketing tomorrow. After that, I’m kissing this semester goodbye!

Just a quick question, if I know a song from each of these groups… does that make me old? 🙂

rock n roll bands

Stay SAFE if you’re in the path of Walda! Take care and give yourself an extra minute to get places. If you’re down South laughing at us – just remember I’ll be laughing at you when you melt in a puddle mid-July! 😉


3 Responses

  1. The only good thing about spring storms like this is that the weather turns around fast and quickly melts the snow. We are supposed to get some wintry conditions of rain and sleet tomorrow and temps at about 40. No accumulations, thank goodness.

    Stay safe with your commute!

  2. I hate snow in April. Yuck!!

  3. It is so cold, grey, misty and damp in Madison. I had to wear a winter jacket, wool sweater, and hat today!

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