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Pruning and yard work

Last night I spent the majority of the evening finishing up my econ paper. I now know more about the Postal Service than anyone on the face of the planet. 🙂 All that remains are my marketing final exam and team presentation on Thursday – Wed’s class doesn’t count since I’m just sitting and listening to others present (we did ours last week). So wrapping things up!

When I got home last night it was a little chilly but nothing too terrible so I took advantage of the sunlight and started working on a project that’s been bugging me ever since the snow melted:


There were quite a lot of leaves that accumulated late last Fall as well as all the dried plant stems from last year. There was so much debris I wondered if it would get in the way of the new growth and so I decided it needed to be taken care of!

Ta-da! So much better now and it didn’t take more than a couple minutes. So easy when everything is dry and pulls up easily.


I even began working on the daylillies around the front and side of the house:


Not much plant growth on those but hopefully I’ll see more sprouts soon. All that rock reminds me of Ben’s old house and how the rocks got intwined in the roots and stunted the growth of all his front shrubs. It was quite the effort to haul all the stones out, mix in fresh soil, and re-cover but all the new plants did so much better. I’m shuddering to think… but I know we’ll be looking to do that as well here. Just not sure what to do with all the stones!

I made a slight rookie mistake on the rose bushes:


I reached underneath to try and collect some of the leaves. Now I’ve removed exactly 4 leaves and have gained 40 scratches and prickers. Yowch!! I was glad to see some green growth because I didn’t cover the bushes over the winter – which someone told me just yesterday I should have done. Lesson leared – hopefully they all grow back. Now I have to putz around online and figure out how to prune and take care of them.

There are quite a few flanking the front walkway:


I’m also noticing lots of dead patches in the tiny shrubs. Again, I’m suspecting something to do with the rock covering… but maybe that will give me the opportunity to rip some out and put in something prettier.


I almost hate to write it, but it definitely looks like troublesome weather heading our way. The 10-day forecast has that dreaded “S” word listed for Wed, Thurs, AND Fri! Oh the horror – let it be 50 and SUNNY please!

This girl is getting desperate. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I got sad when I looked at the 10-day forecast. Okay – just re-looked at it, and it isn’t as bad as it was when I checked the other day.
    But seriously, if we get the dreaded “S” word, I’m going to punch mother-nature in the face!! UGH!

  2. SNOW!? AH! EW! At least you have the end of the semester close by to make that at least a little better…

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